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Following his Bad_Hoist GIT Repo Fork and Noob-Friendly Porting Guide based off @sleirsgoevy's (Github / Twitter) previous contributions, PlayStation 4 Scene developer PaulJenkin aka @Peeter made available a PS4GOTDumper awhile back for duplicating the PS4 GOT (Global Offset Table) address in a synchronous way allowing scene devs to find the base address of the jumps for each block. :geek:

Download: / GIT

Note: This project was committed to Github last August, but was inadvertently overlooked when initially released so check it out below.

Here's additional details from the for those interested: PS4GOTDumper

Dupes the GOT address of the PS4 in a synchronous way, and let you the address jumps of each block

Supported firmwares

Tested till 6.72 should support above as well

  1. GOT base address derived from webkit.elf
  2. Web server with php support
  3. Python3 - required to find the base address of the jumps of each blocks
Steps to run
  1. The got base address needs to updated in dump_got.js on line 11, this address comes from objdump of webkit.elf
  2. Add these files to web server and launch it
  3. This will create a file called "baseAddress.txt" in the same directory which will have all the address.
  4. This will take at least a 2 to 3 minutes to complete, you will alerted in ps4 once its completed
  5. Now you can run the following command "python3" (in same directory), this will find the address jumps of each blocks and print it in the screen
  1. If the "baseAddress.txt" file has "!decrement" text in it. then it indicates base address need to be adjusted
  2. for example if you have used "10054456" as base GOT address and you see "!decrement" 5 times in the file, you have add 80 toward the base
  3. logic is for each "!decrement" add 16 to wards the base
  4. So your correct GOT base would be 10054536 (10054456 +16 +16 +16 +16 +16)
  5. Repeat the steps 2 to 4 to get a "baseAddress.txt" with any "!decrement" value in it
PS4GOTDumper for PS4 GOT Block Base Address Jumps via PaulJenkin.jpg


Sorry trying to understand the use of this tool, let me know if I'm in the ballpark?

So on 7.55 or 6.72 you can run this and it will map the memory addresses/GOT and dump it to a file.

You would then use this with games that have issues with backporting like Control? Where you would have the GOT of where everything gets mapped in memory and you can remap it to an area that doesn't cause issues on 5.05?

...Or am I totally not understanding the use of this, lol?
While I'm not sure on the exact use of the tool, it basically just dumps where functions are stored in memory so that homebrew developers can update their things faster.
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