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Following the PS4HEN Android Guide, PS4 Exploit Host for OpenWRT, PS4HEN Wifi USB Drive Guide, PS4HEN Wifi Card Reader Guide and PS4HEN Airdisk iOS iPhone Guide today we have another PS4HEN tutorial from @FrogDR who sent it via the Contact link for those interested in trying out, to quote:

How to Host PS4HEN with USB Stick (not Wifi) and Router (without OpenWRT)


I want to share with other my method to Host a Exploit and PS4HEN using USB stick (not Wifi stick) and router (without OpenWRT) with USB Port :)

What I've got and how i use it:

What we need : Router Netgear Nighthawk X4S R7800 (any router with usb port and storage sharing?) and Kingston 8GB USB STICK (any USB stick) and from @stooged

1. Format USB Stick on a FAT32 and create a folder (i create exploit) then copy files from to this folder.

2. Plug USB Stick to router and go to yours routers menu to ReadySHARE Settings and make sure you have check Basic USB Storage. In Advance Settings check Network Neighborhood and HTTP Access Method.

3. On PS4 go to Web Browser and Add Bookmark. I add Bookmark "Exploit USB" with address:

4. Thats all !

After this you do not have to commit additional devices like PC or Phone and Host PS4HEN is available all the time. You just need to run a Web Browser on your PS4 and open Your Bookmark with Exploit address :)

After this setup you have a Easiest and fastest way to make your PS4 ready to install homebrew :) So should try this if you have a router with USB Port :)

P.S. Sorry for my Wnglish. I never learn it at school :unsure:
P.S. Here are images showing this method

PS4HEN with USB Stick (Non-Wifi) and Router Without OpenWRT Guide.jpg

PS4HEN with USB Stick (Non-Wifi) and Router Without OpenWRT Guide 2.jpg




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Very good what I want I want to have themes of exploit which will be so much easy just install one time and run at every time when you turn on ps4


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i think all user have some skills where i know what should happen. what is the others way to exploit. we must create web pages homebrew for ps4 that save internet pages all site. or enable option to save website in ps4 original browser.

other way to create themes of exploit just install on ps4 one time then run every time you when you turn on ps4 run exploit. or file manager we need to access folder and double click on html file which contain hen etc.


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Doesn't work on either of mine. An old (+5 years) linksys E3000 or a new TPLINK Archer C9. Neither support HTTP sharing access.