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This weekend PlayStation 4 developer @seb5594 (Twitter) made available on his Github repository a PS4KernelDlSym Symbol Resolver / List Creator which is a tool for PS4 scene developers that analyzes all direct calls to ps4KernelSym dynamically generating an offset table containing all kernel symbol names for reference. :geek:

Download: ps4sdk.ps4KernelDlSym.List.Creator.exe / Gee.External.Capstone.dll / Gee.External.Capstone.xml / GIT

Version 1.00

This release matches the requirements from README (

I am unsure about the 32 bit (x86) disassembler library, because this application runs on my PC, even if all dependencies are deleted. That's the reason why i am giving out all dependencies. If some resource is not required, open an issue!

And from the, to quote: ps4sdk ps4KernelDlSym Symbol Resolver

The PS4SDK ps4KernelDlSym Symbol Resolver is a windows forms application (requires .NET 4.0), which has been made to fit my needs for ps4 compiled payloads using as example my version of Hitodamas open source PS4 ***. This tool has been made to generate dynamically an offset table containing all kernel symbol names and the corresponding offsets, where are getting called in a executable.

In the current state, it is impossible to resolve stacked function calls. If I feel to, I will extend this application with the feature of stacked function calls. You are permitted to use/edit this source code, as long you are referencing to this project.

Requirements (for usage)
  • .NET 4.0
  • ps4sdk compiled payload(s)
  • brain
How does it work?

This application uses the open source disassembler library Capstone.NET, which is a core functionality to analyze function calls in x86_64 assemblies compiled binaries (payload/s), for further development reasons, by extracting the text sections of the payload elf file using ElfIO by therifboy it resolves all absolute calls to ps4KernelDlSym and it outputs a list of all symbol name(s), which are required to execute the payload! The resulting output will be displayed as a raw list (default) or in a c-styled array (my preferred way).


The GUI offers the possibility to order the result in execution order or alphabetical. It is also possible, to output the result in a c-styled array!

ToDo (coming soon?)
  • Resolve stacked symbol names (might be added, when i feel to!)

Feel free to submit pull requests, to improve the development of this project!

PS4KernelDlSym Symbol Resolver List Creator Reference Analyzer by Seb5594.jpg


@Stryker1 thanks

@mukasange - well then you already solved it! wow that was easy! (y)

it's ok denial is phase 1. But elaborate on your url/ip mirroring theory. I'm sure some people are curious.

We'll see how many games they can grab off of stadia by the end of the year. And that whole nothing is impossible thing, is high school "go team" pep talk, or some parental/teacher inspirational bs, nothing more.

And hackers are one thing and END USER is another. Best know your role.

Last gen we had ALL consoles FULLY hacked (as in cfw or equivalent) and it was done EARLY within their existence, and the hacks were always current with firmware releases/updates, mod online...etc. the end user did everything by copy/pasting.

Now out of the 3 we have:
* one thats modded with a year and a half outdated hack and it took 4yrs to get to that 5.05
* one that has no hack
* and one that is hacked and current with the exception for the most of the patched ones which make up at least 35% ish (according to wiki and basic math) of all switches out there.
*and ZERO of these consoles have been pwned like the last gen ones were. and NO modding online as only the switch can do it but doing so gets you insta-banned quick.

So for the END USER, the hacking modding scene clearly has regressed, its going backwards. You don't have what you had in the last gen. When everything moves to the cloud, the end user will have nothing (in terms of hacks, modding...etc) you'll see. Hacking won't be like ftp'ing a file into your chromecast or whatever dongle or box. If it could be done at all.....then it would be extremely involving and require skills far beyond copy/paste. Just so you can get a taste of what I mean, lets start out with something small, go hack into all of your neighbor's wpa2 wifi. When that gets as easy for you and everybody as modding a ps3 ...let me know.
People always wonder why the scene is so toxic or disappointing and so on.... with nonsense demands and useless criticism It quickly adds up.

The PS4 scene is not non of that at all. (It's not DEAD) It's actually great with a lot of great people that have been here and the newer people that is slowly showing up with positive attentions

To all y'all negative folks out there try to be productive and Keep all your demands, criticism, comparisons sly & shade talking to yourself :)

To the ones that do have a exploited console lets all just be grateful that we do have a platform / console platform we're work fun/gaming & development can still continue on.
Not open for further replies.