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PS4 CFW and Hacks       Thread starter PSXHAX       Start date Jan 10, 2016 at 9:42 PM       11      
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Following the recent PS4Dev GIT updates, today bigboss has integrated the PS4Link Loader with PS4SH ELF Loader Session updates by hitodama with details below.

Download: / GIT / PSX Dev GIT

First load custom ps4link in ps4 with webkit exploit
We see log initialization on mac/pc to see if there is a problem with bind.
[PS4][INFO]: debugnet initialized
[PS4][INFO]: Copyright (C) 2010,2016 Antonio Jose Ramos Marquez aka bigboss @psxdev
[PS4][INFO]: ready to have a lot of fun...
[PS4][DEBUG]: [PS4LINK] Server request thread UID: 0x80678B40
[PS4][DEBUG]: [PS4LINK] Created ps4link_requests_sock: 84
[PS4][DEBUG]: [PS4LINK] bind to ps4link_requests_sock done
[PS4][DEBUG]: [PS4LINK] Ready for connection 1
[PS4][DEBUG]: [PS4LINK] Waiting for connection
[PS4][DEBUG]: [PS4LINK] Server command thread UID: 0x806970E0
[PS4][DEBUG]: [PS4LINK] Command Thread Started.
[PS4][DEBUG]: [PS4LINK] Created ps4link_commands_sock: 86
[PS4][DEBUG]: [PS4LINK] Command listener waiting for commands...
Now we open ps4sh session
$ ps4sh
ps4sh version 1.0
/Users/bigboss/.ps4shrc: No such file or directory
Connecting to fio ps4link ip
log: [HOST][INFO]: [PS4SH] Ready
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: [PS4LINK] Client connected from port: 25797
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: [PS4LINK] sock ps4link_fileio set 85 connected 1
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: [PS4LINK] Initialized and connected from pc/mac ready to receive commands
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: [PS4LINK] Waiting for connection
ps4sh> help
?           ? :: Synonym for `help'..
cd          cd [dir] :: Change pksh directory to [dir]..
debug       debug :: Show pksh debug messages. ( alt-d ).
exit        exit :: Exits pksh ( alt-q ).
help        help :: Display this text..
list        list [dir] :: List files in [dir]..
log         log [file] :: Log messages from PS4 to [file]..
ls          ls [dir] :: Synonym for list.
make        make [argn] ... :: Execute make [argn] ....
gmake       gmake [argn] ... :: Execute gmake [argn] ....
pwd         pwd :: Print the current working directory ( alt-p ).
quit        quit :: Quit pksh ( alt-q ).
setroot     setroot [dir] :: Sets [dir] to be root dir..
status      status :: Display some pksh information. ( alt-s ).
execelf     execelf :: Load and exec elf. ....
execsprx    execsprx :: Load and exec sprx. ....
exitps4     exitps4 :: Finish ps4link in ps4 side. ....
verbose     verbose :: Show verbose pksh messages. ( alt-v ).
ps4sh> execelf /usr/local/ps4dev/sample.elf
log: [HOST][DEBUG]: [PS4SH] argc=1 argv=host0:/usr/local/ps4dev/sample.elf
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: [PS4LINK] commands listener received packet size (266)
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: [PS4LINK] Received command execelf argc=1 argv=host0:/usr/local/ps4dev/sample.elf
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: [PS4LINK] file open req (host0:/usr/local/ps4dev/sample.elf, 0 0)
log: [HOST][DEBUG]: [PS4SH] Opening /usr/local/ps4dev/sample.elf flags 0
log: [HOST][DEBUG]: [PS4SH] Open return 7
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: [PS4LINK] file open reply received (ret 7)
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: [PS4LINK] file lseek req (fd: 7)
log: [HOST][DEBUG]: [PS4SH] 13236 result of lseek 0 offset 2 whence
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: [PS4LINK] ps4link_lseek_file: lseek reply received (ret 13236)
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: [PS4LINK] file lseek req (fd: 7)
log: [HOST][DEBUG]: [PS4SH] 0 result of lseek 0 offset 0 whence
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: [PS4LINK] ps4link_lseek_file: lseek reply received (ret 0)
log: [HOST][DEBUG]: [PS4SH] read 13236 bytes of file descritor 7
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: [PS4LINK] ps4link_read_file: Reply said there's 13236 bytes to read (wanted 13236)
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: [PS4LINK] ps4link_read_file: chunk 0  readed 4096
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: [PS4LINK] ps4link_read_file: chunk 1  readed 4096
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: [PS4LINK] ps4link_read_file: chunk 2  readed 5044
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: [PS4LINK] ps4link_file: file close req (fd: 7)
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: [PS4LINK] ps4link_close_file: close reply received (ret 0)
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: [PS4LINK] in elfCreate
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: [PS4LINK] reserved memory for elf at 880670360
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: [PS4LINK] ready to run elf
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: [PS4LINK] protectedMemoryCreate(2106432) -> [PS4][DEBUG]: ps4ProtectedMemoryCreate(2106432) -> [PS4][DEBUG]: [PS4LINK] elfLoaderLoad(880670360, 200ebc000, 200cb8000) ->
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: [PS4LINK] elfLoaderLoad return 0
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: [PS4LINK] mm->main 200cb8e30
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: PS4LINK run [200cb8000 + elfEntry = 200cb8e30]
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: [PS4LINK] New elf thread UID: 0x80697B40
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: [PS4LINK] commands listener waiting for next command
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: [PS4LINK] Configuration pointer 88066ff00, pointer_conf string 88066ff00
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: [PS4LINK] ps4LinkRunElfMain
log: [PS4][INFO]: debugnet already initialized using configuration from ps4link
log: [PS4][INFO]: debugnet_initialized=1 SocketFD=83 logLevel=3
log: [PS4][INFO]: ready to have a lot of fun...
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: [SAMPLE] 2 elfname=elf ps4linkconf=88066ff00 88066ff00 83
ps4sh> status
log: [HOST][INFO]: [PS4SH]  TCP srv fd = 3
log: [HOST][INFO]: [PS4SH]  UDP log fd = 5
log: [HOST][INFO]: [PS4SH]  PS4SH cmd fd = 6
log: [HOST][INFO]: [PS4SH]  Logging to stdout
log: [HOST][INFO]: [PS4SH]  Verbose mode is off
log: [HOST][INFO]: [PS4SH]  Debug is on
ps4sh> exitps4
log: [HOST][DEBUG]: [PS4SH] argc=0 argv=


He actually added poison if you go thro his work which equals open ssl ? This makes no native sense to me and gains you nothing if you read about open ssl or know how to use it.

The system itself uses almost the exactly same type of HV except different and the reason y Dev's are trying to make hw to exploite it is due to the fact of running an ODE process on it which actualy be done to utilize it. But as far as I'm concerned they can try and profit again I will turn there profit into ash I know how to turn hw to weapons and use against themselves
why would you want to try emulating the BD drive
when you can do much more than run linux on it...
while a stable linux port to console encourages software development in the end backups kills.
its no different than backing up on pc.
if you pirate without first considering why you are backing up in the first place.
1) you shouldnt be backing up.
2)you have no real reason to justify why you do.

I almost marked out at some of the stuff that could be done with the kernel exploit.
it really is better than a miserable attempt at it
LIBPS4 := $(PS4SDK)/libPS4

DATA := 0x926300000

CC := gcc
AS := gcc
OBJCOPY := objcopy
ODIR := build
SDIR := source
IDIRS := -I$(LIBPS4)/include -I. -Iinclude
LDIRS := -L$(LIBPS4) -L. -Llib
CFLAGS := $(IDIRS) -O2 -std=gnu11 -fno-builtin -nostartfiles -nostdlib -Wall -masm=intel -march=btver2 -mtune=btver2 -m64 -mabi=sysv -DDATA_ADDRESS=$(DATA)
SFLAGS := -nostartfiles -nostdlib -march=btver2 -mtune=btver2
CFILES := $(wildcard $(SDIR)/*.c)
SFILES := $(wildcard $(SDIR)/*.s)
OBJS := $(patsubst $(SDIR)/%.c, build/%.o, $(CFILES)) $(patsubst $(SDIR)/%.s, build/%.o, $(SFILES))


TARGET = $(shell basename $(CURDIR))

$(CC) $(ODIR)/*.o -o temp.t $(CFLAGS) $(LFLAGS) $(LIBS)
$(OBJCOPY) -O binary temp.t $(TARGET)
rm -f temp.t

$(ODIR)/%.o: $(SDIR)/%.c
$(CC) -c -o $@ $< $(CFLAGS)

$(ODIR)/%.o: $(SDIR)/%.s
$(AS) -c -o $@ $< $(SFLAGS)

@mkdir $@

.PHONY: clean

rm -f $(TARGET) $(ODIR)/*.o
The fine tuning is completely incorrect.

Even tho in my chain for this shows intel it still utilizes a lot of the old power arch except under le
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