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Following his recent work and the addition of Peek & Poke to PS4Link, today PlayStation 4 developer BigBoss updated PS4Link fixing a PS4SH hanging issue when the connection with the PS4 was lost and adding execdecrypt description and output. :)

Download: / GIT

According to the changes: Let you list filenames in directories from PlayStation 4 system.

execdecrypt ps4directorypath

Lets you decrypt all elf, self, sprx, prx, dll, sdll, exe, sexe and eboot.bin files from PlayStation 4 system and save it in your PC/Mac with the same name ps4 directory. You need first create in pc/mac where are you running ps4sh mkdir -p ps4/yourps4path

For example for /system/sys decrypt
ps4sh> mkdir -p ps4/system/sys
ps4sh> execdecrypt /system/sys
Check output at [link](
5) exitps4
Try to close ps4link resources. If you try to run ps4sh again when all is released you will get a messager saying that it can't connect. Now you can leave ps4 browser.

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From to restart the console:
char magic[] = {
    0x00, 0x00, 0x03, 0xE9

int main(int argc, char **argv) {
    psvDebugScreenPrintf("Rebuilding database(maybe)...\n");

    FILE *fp = fopen("ur0:shell/db/dbr.db-err","wb");
    fwrite(magic , sizeof(char), sizeof(magic), fp);
    return 0;
Thanks to @Fimo and @raedoob for the heads-up in the PSXHAX Shoutbox and to @zecoxao for the tweet! :cool:
PS4Link Updated Fixing PS4SH Hanging Issue by PS4 Dev BigBoss.jpg


Not open for further replies.