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Following his Tool to Decrypt PS4 Save Games, PlayStation 4 Scene developer bucanero released via Twitter a PS4Load Signed Executable Linkable Format (SELF) File Loader PKG multi-platform client for Linux, Mac and Windows useful in building PlayStation 4 homebrew applications and games. :geek:

Download: IV0000-LOAD00044_00-SDL2GLES20000000.pkg (6.31 MB - PS4Load v0.5.0 PKG) / / GIT / (81.07 KB - includes ps3load.exe)
<3 Those seeking to support his continued development work in the scene can do so via DParrino (Senza Codici) on Patreon or Bucanerodev (Marcelo Parrino) on PayPal, and here's further details from the PS4Load

PS4Load is based on the PSL1GHT PS3load sample, now built using the Open Orbis ***.

I hope this version helps you build PS4 homebrews easily!

  • You can load SELF files using the network.
PS4Load v0.1.0.jpg


Install the package on your PS4. Open the PS4Load host app, and then use the ps3load client to send your eboot.bin:
export PS3LOAD=tcp:192.168.x.x
./ps3load /path/to/eboot.bin

PS4Load v0.1.0
  • First public version
PS4Load v0.5.0
  • Add unZip feature (receive .ZIP archives and unzip to /data/)
  • on-the-fly data decompression
  • Auto-exec /data/ps4load/eboot.bin if found
  • Add PSL1GHT scroller
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