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Since the release of PS4 Reaper (debugger and trainer maker) the goal was to gather modders and gamers around one passion.

Today we've come along way: 3 Universal Trainers (PC, Android, iOS), 247 Trainers in total... and now we're are proud to announce the new web platform for game modding!

What is it ?

It's mainly a platform dedicated to modding games, it includes:
  • New web trainer service (using webrte2.bin, will not work with old payload)
  • Universal trainer host (all trainers are now synchronized between all app and service)
  • Rating and comment System for all trainers and content
  • Modded Saves
  • Secured backend for modders (to avoid trainer stealing, only the mod maker has control on his trainer no user or other modder could see the data now)
  • Modding Tools host for Dev
  • Game modding Tutorial for newbie modders (coming soon!)
  • ...........
All the available trainers have been updated now to synchronize data:
For help and support you can join us in Discord ;)

Big thanks to all people that helped and supported me a long this journey:
  • Golden
  • weysincha
  • vampirexx
  • Hejran7
  • tlh
  • molly
  • rizla
  • ....
Now it time for me to take a long break 😴 - Trainer from Web browser - How to use PS4 Droid Trainer 1.2 PS4 Cheats and Modding Platform Trainers with Tools.jpg PS4 Cheats and Modding Platform Trainers with Tools 2.jpg



Hi sir thanks for all of the work, contributions, and unifying everything.

how do i update the droid trainer. It always says online mode not possible.


Senior Member
@Shiningami, PC Trainer ocassionally start working for me! No errors! I think problem was with latest Win 10 build, although I disabled telemetry/spying/deleted all MS bloatware apps. It start working normallywhen I've clean DISM folder. So this can be a possible solution with trainer FC

intresting question. I think that is not possible using Online Trainer through ps4 browser? Because its possible to send WebRTE2 by android payload sender.


Senior Member
@astherion the multitrainer is working for everyone dont know why its not working for you

the webbrowser trainer isnt meant to work on ps4 (there is no way to enable mixed content on ps4 browser)
to simplify, its due a security reason


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@Shiningami, as I mentioned before, now Multitrainer working, no errors! Maybe it depends on OS, I use latest Windows 10 20H1 Insider Builds... Shame that ps4 browser so "secure" - possibility load & run KEX, but not possible run mixed content :)


hello, does your ps4 have to be online to accept the cheats? because i tried to connect my ps4 to the internet and my jailbreak was lost. any help would be appreciated thanks
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