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We've covered online Streaming Sites for new films / movies and TV shows here alongside of my Kodi (WIP) Listing, and recently developer Aaronroth made available a browser action icon for your toolbar called PS4MovieList to simplify movie listings that work with the PS4 Media Player! :thumbup:

Download: / GIT

It reminds me of something along the lines of a Greasemonkey script, and although there's no official ReadMe yet here's what the Github says about it:


Adds a browser action icon to the toolbar. Click the button when on movie pages to change the background color of all movie listings that the PS4 media player can play.

Cheers to @VultraBabe for the news in the PSXHAX Shoutbox on this yesterday! :bananaman13:
PS4MovieList Toolbar Icon Script for PS4 Media Player by Aaronroth.jpg