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Proceeding the PS4 fMSX MSX / MSX2 / MSX2+ Emulator port, PS4 SNESStation SNES Emulator port, the PS4 CHIP 8 Emulator PoC and PS4GearSystem Emulator (Sega Game Gear / Master System) demo video today PlayStation 4 developer m0rph3us1987 announced on Twitter that Anonymous released ports via Pastebin of the Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator PS4NES based on LaiNES alongside PS4GearSystem which is based on the Gearsystem Sega Master System / Game Gear Emulator. :ninja:

Download: NES_EMU_V455.pkg (6.1 MB) / NES_EMU_V455.pkg (Mirror) / SEGA_EMU_V455.pkg (6.3 MB) / SEGA_EMU_V455.pkg (Mirror)

In the Tweets below, he mentions although they are native emulators not to expect too much stating that they are far far away from perfection.

How To Play NES & Sega Emulators On 4.05 & 4.55 PS4 by Andrew Marques
NES & SMS Emulators For PS4 by MasterTurkey
HOW TO Play NES and Master System Games on PS4
PS4NES and PS4GearSystem PS4 Emulator 4.55 Ports via M0rph3us1987.jpg


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how does an OLD SCHOOL game look good on a 16x9 aspect ratio modern tv?? They ALWAYS look crappy. They were designed on 4:3 ratio and they look terrible stretched out not to mention extremely pixel'd. You need 4:3 and shaders to deal with the pixels, anti-aliasing ..etc


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"it is any chance to make a emulator for ps3 game ?"

RPCS3 has a Linux port. The PS4 can run Linux. Anyone try it yet? I'd expect at best 27% compatibility and much slower framerates compared to running it on a PC though.
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