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Following the previous PS4 Payload Injectors for 9.00, PlayStation 4 developer CrazyMind90 (Twitter) made available a PS4 Payload Injector PKG for Mac dubbed PS4PayloadInj.pkg based on @Al Azif's script alongside PS4PayloadInj v1.1 adding the ability to specify an injection port number for those in the PS4Scene with a Jailbroken PS4 console. 😀

Download: PS4PayloadInj.pkg / GIT

This comes proceeding some related apps for Mac users including PS4 Remote PKG Sender, the PKG Merge Fork, PS4RPS for PS4 PKGs, PS4 Firmware Downloader, PSXLink for PS4 Game Update PKGs, PS4Load PS4 SELF File Loader and from the PS4 Payload Injector

Payload injection app for mac "Based on Al-Azif's script"


PS4PayloadInj.pkg PS4 Payload Injector PKG for Mac via CrazyMind90.png

Cheers to MSZ_MGS via Twitter for the heads-up on this earlier! 🍻



Senior Member
As a heavy Mac user... Thank you!! no more booting in windows/virtual environments :giggle:

Ahh... requires OSX 12.1... im on 10.14.6 and my machine can't go to Big Sur so im out on this one..