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Inspired by PS4 PKG Integrity Checker from @MagicSeb, today PlayStation 4 developer @unknownqx shared a PC application he calls PS4PKGVerifier 1.0 followed by v1.1, v1.2 that can be used to verify PS4 PKG integrity on multiple files with an improved GUI, v1.3 and PS4PKGVerifier 1.4 with more details below. 😃

Download: (2.3 MB)

Spoiler: Depreciated

He initially made it for his own use and then decided, to quote: "Maybe someone will be interested in using it" so those who'd like to can check it out and share feedback below! :tup:

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PS4PKGVerifier 1.0 GUI App to Verify PS4 PKG Integrity by Unknownqx.jpg



Hi, I have used this tool to check the pkg files I have downloaded from PSN, I have checked this on a game I have already installed, but it showed me integrity bad for all the files but when I was installing them I only had issues with one file. "XXX_5.pkg", everything else installed without an issue.

1. I don't have a hacked PS4, I'm on latest firmware.
2. Non of the pkg files I have are patched, just fresh one I download from my accounts.
3. 20% of game pkgs I download shows corrupted while installing using PSX Download helper, I have to downloaded corrupted amount from the sever time to time to fix it. can't I use this software to verify them?

I hope I didn't ask out of topic question, if I did, I'm sorry about it. Have a good day!

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