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Since his PS Vita work, PlayStation 4 developer LMAN (aka TheLeecherMan) released PS4PKGViewer which is a PS4 Package (PKG) Viewer with a few revisions and details below! :love:

Download: PS4PKGViewer.v1.0-LMAN.rar / PS4PKGViewer.v1.1-LMAN.rar / PS4PKGViewer.v1.2-LMAN.rar / PS4PKGViewer.v1.3-LMAN.rar / PS4PKGViewer.v1.4-LMAN.rar / PS4PKGViewer.v1.5-LMAN.rar

To quote from TheLeecherMan's Blog on this latest PS4PKGViewer release:

PS4PKGViewer By LMAN © 2018

A Small Tool to View PS4 Package Info.



Initial release.

  • Improved speed when processing package.
  • Added support to export unencrypted contents.

Added new options to:
  • View package contents.
  • Search package contents.
  • Check for package updates.
  • Check the integrity of package.
  • Export all unencrypted contents.
  • Extract folders and files from package.
  • Split already merged official package.
  • User interface is now resizeable.
  • Updated read-me file.
  • Added new option to use single structure when listing or extracting package contents.
  • Added support to change file name when extracting single file from the list.
  • Updated package properties.
  • Show error when file is being used by another process.
  • Added new option to manually check for package updates using the given title-id.
  • Added ability to display package regions.
  • Added ability to detect fake dlc unlocker.
  • Fixed splitting package to multiple parts.
  • Fixed an issue with single structure mode.
  • Updated package info detector.
  • Updated package updates form and error handling.
  • For official package, you need a passcode to be able to view, list or extract it's contents.
  • If you want to display package contents then enable 'List Contents' option under Extra menu but for official package you need to enable both 'List Contents' and 'Ask for Passcode' options.
  • If you want to save package title updates in json format then enable 'Save Updates' option.
  • If you have a passcode for official package then press on the 'save' button in the passcode window to save it to a binary file, so the application can load it automatically when opening the package without asking for it.
If you find my works are useful and would like to support and collaborate on the development of my projects, any donation will be appreciated.

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:arrow: Also of note, a PlayStation 4 PARAM.SFO Editor is in the works from xDPx (aka @TheDarkprograme) for those interested:

Download: / PARAM.SFO Editor V0.2 / PARAM.SFO Editor V1.1 / PARAM.SFO Editor V1.2 / GIT / PARAM SFO Tools by Fenny

PARAM.SFO Editor V0.2 Changelog:
  • Added new Features to the Editor
  • Both PS3 / PS4 SFO files can be opened
  • PS4 SFO Files can be modified and saved as well as PS3 files they might be a bit buggy right now so just be mindfull
  • PS4/PS3 sfo's can be converted to SFX files as well again ps3 version might be a bit buggy
PARAM.SFO Editor V1.1 Changelog:

This is a release of Param.sfo editor V1.1
  • Added a bit more handling on sfo saving for PS4
  • Any issues please log an issue
PARAM.SFO Editor V1.2 Changelog:

Hey guys, Been a while since i updated this but here you go a big update for the open world ps scene. We can now save param.sfo files without having to use the SCE Tools.

I have attached the base for click once which can be installed the same way as my ps2 classics. Use the .application and not the setup.exe file. i have also added a pre built binarry so you can run it without click once if you wish.

Have fun.
Hope you guys enjoy let me know if you find any bugs.

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Hello !
if we can decrypt Official PKG. do you mean that we can decrypt update for example 4.74 and patch it? to work on 4.55.

Title: Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series Version: 01.05
  • Mandatory Patch: Yes
  • Minimum System Firmware: 4.74
  • Content ID: EP2026-CUSA07816_00-GOTG000000000EP1
  • Game Total Size: 2278.56 MB
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