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Today is the first snowfall here, and following the previous PlayStation 4 Remote Play developments, patchers and enablers for non-activated consoles developers golden (aka xemio, cloverleafswag3 and @g991) and SiSTR0 (who helped @CelesteBlue with PKG2USB Payloads) have now made available PS4REN which includes the ps4ren.bin payload and is a PS4 Remote Play Enabler for 5.05 jailbroken consoles! :love:

Download: / GIT / Live Demo

To quote from the ps4ren - PS4 Remote Play Enabler

             _ _                _       _
            (_) | ___ __   __ _| |_ ___| |__
            | | |/ / '_ \ / _` | __/ __| '_ \
            | |   <| |_) | (_| | || (__| | | |
           _/ |_|\_\ .__/ \__,_|\__\___|_| |_|
          |__/     |_|         

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  /        \|  |/        \  |    |  |    |   \/    |    \
 /_______  /|__/_______  /  |____|  |____|_  /\_________/
         \/            \/                  \/

  • Jailbreak
  • Sandbox escape
  • Enable Remote Play

Only for 5.05 Jailbroken PlayStation 4 consoles!

When you load payload, it will simulate the IDU mode with patches, this will allow you to enable to register any device for remote play from the options menu.

During IDU mode there are some limitations in the UI such as the disabled PS button event.

It is recommended to reboot after finishing the registration of the devices.

:alert: I do not take any responsibility in case of damage. Use at your risk.


Thank you to golden who created his magical jkpatch - Twitter: @cloverleafswag3 psxhax: g991

golden + SiSTRo
PS4 Remote Play Enabler Tutorial by zeref:
:arrow: Update: Also below is an Offline PS4 Remote Play via a PS4 Remote Play Patcher by MysteryDash to enjoy playing on your PS4 from your computer (WLAN/Ad-hoc) without the need of an Internet connection with details as follows, to quote from the

Download: / / GIT

Offline PS4 Remote Play

Ever wanted to use your PS4 on your local network but couldn't because you didn't have an Internet connection available? Here's the solution!

Before we get started, a little message for Sony

Hello Sony, If you ever happen to read this, don't you think it would be nice to have this feature built-in?

Think about it like this for a second: you are going on holiday with your PS4 and your laptop because you have no other display available for it. Most laptops aren't shipped with an HDMI input port so you can't directly connect your PS4 to your laptop's screen. However, what you can do is connect your laptop and your PS4 with an ethernet cable and use Remote Play... until you realize that you need an Internet connection to start the software.

Looking for updates is nice, but is there really a point in preventing players from using their console because they don't have an Internet connection available all the time?
Incidentally, if you have any problem with me posting this, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Supported versions of the Remote Play

You can find older versions of the Remote Play on the Internet Archive: Wayback Machine!
  • - Hash : 694659629815D82CDCD62A95FA771237
  • - Hash : 53DF9F442EEC309D95BE88D28CC21E18
  • - Hash : FCD0DD66996B399F6A1A9A254F7E85B3
  • - Hash : 2E4C4CA5ECFD3138CB734ED603958A1A
  • - Hash : 9961E4475745881FAC537D58B1BCD5FB (seems to work without even logging to the Playstation Network)
Getting started

For various reasons, I can't give you the patched executable. However, I can still tell you how to patch it yourself.


You can just download and run the latest version of the PS4 Remote Play Patcher.
If the software can't find the Remote Play by itself it'll ask you to specify its location.
Once that is done, the software will patch the Remote Play (with the latest patch available) and create a backup of your original Remote Play if you want.
Don't forget that, to use the PS4 Remote Play, you still need a local network (connect your PS4 to your computer using an ethernet cable or a local Wi-Fi network hosted on your computer)!


You will need to download BsPatch and the file. Extract the patch of your choice and execute the following command :
   bsdiff RemotePlay.exe RemotePlay-Patched.exe mypatch
Then you have to start RemotePlay-Patched.exe to enjoy your PS4 Remote Play offline experience. I'll describe below another method to do the same thing without having to change RemotePlay.exe itself.

Will Remote Play work as usual?

Yes, every aspect of the original Remote Play have been kept, except for the updates window, which will not even appear with the latest version of the patch.

I don't trust those patches thrown at me like this...

... and that's perfectly fine. Here are the steps so that you can reproduce the patch (the first version) by yourself:
  • Throw your RemotePlay.exe at de4dot to remove the obfuscation.
  • Open your brand new RemotePlay-cleaned.exe using your favorite decompiler (ILSpy, .NET Reflector, etc...). In my case, I am using dnSpy. Navigate to the class RemoteplayUI.CheckUpdate and look for the properties NeedUpdate and CancelRequest. Force them to return false.
  • There's a second edit to do. Look this time for the class called Class2 (this class is not in a namespace).
  • In the Main method, get rid of checkUpdate.ShowDialog();.
  • And that's it, you can now export your brand new Remote Play executable (using the Save Module... function on dnSpy) and enjoy playing on your PS4 anywhere.
If you wonder why we aren't just removing ShowDialog and setting the two assignments under to false directly, that's because it triggers my A/V for some reason.

Alternative method, almost 0 programming skill required.
  1. Download and install Fiddler.
  2. Enable HTTPS decryption in Fiddler.
  3. a. With Fiddler running, start Remote Play and wait for the request to
  4. b. You might also see a request to, handle it the same way as the previous one.
  5. Select the AutoResponder tab, enable the rules, enable unmatched requests passthrough.
  6. Drag & Drop the request made to into the rules list.
  7. Select the FiddlerScript tab and look for this line:
static function OnBeforeRequest(oSession: Session) {
  1. Add the following content under the line you found earlier :
if (oSession.HTTPMethodIs("CONNECT"))
   oSession.oFlags["x-replywithtunnel"] = "GenerateTunnel";
  1. Click on Save Script.
  2. That's it for Fiddler. You have nothing to save by yourself. The only thing that matters now is that Fiddler must be up and running when you want to play without Internet.
  3. There's still something to do. Currently, if you open Remote Play, it'll tell you that (if you are truly disconnected) there is not network connection available. To fix this, create an access point on your phone and connect to it (there's no need to have an Internet connection available on your phone, otherwise it would defeat the point of having done everything mentionned above). Note that you can also use any free hotspot you may have around you.
  4. It's already done ! When you'll start the Remote Play, it'll think that an Internet connection is available (when it's merely connected to a hotspot WITHOUT Internet) and when it'll try to look for updates Fiddler will take care of it.
  5. Enjoy the offline PS4 Remote Play.

I usually appreciate contributions, however, this time, I will decline every pull request containing an executable or a patch. Suggestions are welcome!

PlayStation 4 REN Remote Play Review/Stress Test On 5.05
PS4REN PS4 Remote Play Enabler for 5.05 by Golden and SiSTRo!.jpg



Will my save games be removed like the regular idu routine? That method is not save I guess


Hi, I'm using a pre-activated account with fw 5.05. Do you think I can use this payload without disabled my games saves and backup/restore save feature? I need to link my psvita that is fw 3.69
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