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Following MrNiato's PS4 TestKit 3.50 Firmware demo, today he replied with where to obtain the PS4UPDATE-TestKit-GEN3-3_508_041.PUP for other PlayStation 4 developers who own a PS4 TestKit GEN3 console. (-8

Download: PS4UPDATE-testkit-GEN3-3_508_041.PUP (335.0 MB)

Backing up just a minute, previously we reported on the unboxing of a Sony PlayStation 4 / PS4 Debug Test Kit DUH-T1000AA, followed by a PS4UPDATE-testkit-GEN2-1_501_041.PUP, a PS4UPDATE-DevKit-GEN3-P01620590-1_750_061.PUP and also a PS4UPDATE-TestKit-GEN3-1_760_001.PUP leak.

To quote from my post in the ongoing thread with some working download links:

I've seen non-retail PS4 TestKit Generation 1 / Generation 2 / Generation 3 PUP's (like below) floating around sites including the Wiki, but unless you have a GEN1 / GEN2 / GEN3 TestKit they aren't much use.
According to eussNL of the Dev Wiki they aren't 'Debug' Firmware PUPs like most are familiar with in the PS3 scene, and there is no 'DEX' naming at all with PS4 development hardware/software.

Here's to hoping one day Sony's PlayStation 4 follows suit of being able to run PS4 game backups similar to the PS3 and PS Vita consoles, and if anyone has more PS4 DevKit / TestKit Firmware PUPs remember sharing is caring! :happyblush
PS4UPDATE TestKit GEN3 3_508_041 PUP.jpg


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