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Proceeding the PS4 Release Calendar Updater Script, developer Codeverse (aka stefkarg) recently updated his PS4Viewer project on Github which is a Web application to sync video game information from the Internet Games Database (acquired by Twitch last year) via the IGDB API populating the results in a searchable list. :geek:

Download: / GIT

Here's more from the PS4Viewer

PS4 Viewer is a Web Application that syncs video games' information from IGDB API and shows this information in a searchable list.

Instructions on how to setup development environment


  • Install JDK 8
  • Add Java bin folder to PATH environmental variable
  • Clone repositories ps4viewer, ps4viewer-ui and codehelp
  • Install Eclipse 2019-09
  • File --> Open Projects From Filesystem
  • Select ps4viewer
  • Also open codehelp in the same way
  • Set codehelp as dependency of ps4viewer
  • Install MySQL 8
  • Create a user other than root (e.g. psuser)
  • Connect to database with this user (use MySQL Workbench) and create a database (e.g. psdb)
  • In of ps4viewer repository set the credentials for the new database/user
  • Install Tomcat 9
  • In Eclipse go to Window --> Preferences --> Server --> Runtime Environments --> Select installed Tomcat as server
Spring Tools
  • In Eclipse go to Help --> Eclipse Marketplace --> Install Spring Tools 4
  • Restart Eclipse
  • Right click on ps4viewer --> Run As --> Spring Boot App
  • This will create the proper Run Configuration in Eclipse
  • The repository ps4viewer-ui is in Angular
  • Install node.js 12.16.1
  • Open a console
  • npm install -g @angular/cli
  • Go to the root folder of ps4viewer-ui
  • npm install (this downloads all dependencies of the project)
  • ng serve (to start UI)
PS4Viewer Web App to Sync PS4 Game Details via IGDB by Codeverse.jpg
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It allows you to scrape game info data (I believe). It's useful for, say, an app that allows you to download APKs from Sony servers and/or backup locations. It could potentially auto-fill info about a title. Think how NPS does it on PC or Vita.
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