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This weekend a WebKit: Use-after-free of RenderMathMLToken in CSSCrossfadeValue::crossfadeChanged vulnerability via Project Zero was reported to scene developers and found to be working on PS5 1.00-6.50 Firmware and PS4 8.00-10.01 Firmware with @zecoxao on Twitter stating, "I think the almighty sleirsgoevy will work on the webkit meme. stay tuned!" 🤩
PlayStation scener @oneman123 also states on Twitter, "btw disclosed Thu, Jan 12, 2023, 6:01 PM GMT+1 , I have retweeted this cause it works on my 2.00 btw private xploit poc exist :)"

Proceeding @sleirsgoevy's Reimplementation of PS5 BD-JB & App0 Listing and Prosper0GDB PS5 Debugger, the PlayStation 5 Scene awaits further progress in the ongoing quest for a full public PS5 Jailbreak (Status) supporting PS5 Game / File Dumps (Guide / PS5 Game Dumper) since Fail0verflow Obtained the PS5 Root Keys privately back in 2021.

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PS5 1.00-6.50 Firmware & PS4 8.00-10.01 Firmware WebKit Vulnerability.jpg


ive got a ps4 on 9.00 it works beautifully, hardly ever fails to load the xploit and even rarer KP's. been using goldhen and it runs great. my advice keep your ps4 and ps5 on as low a firmware as possible.

if your above 6.20 on ps4 update to 9.00 due to how unreliable 7.xx firmware exploits are, compared to the 9.00 exploit 7.5x is absolute crap, 7.0x was alright but not anywhere near 6.20 stability, imho 9.00 has great stability and reliability, i can restmode my ps4 after exploiting for a few weeks without issues bringing it out at least once a day. its great.

what im saying is basically you can enter and exit restmode at least 20 times or more without issues, however do exit any running game as after you bring it out of rest mode you'll experience glitches, restart the program and your golden.. so me personally i save where im at in a game, exit the game, then put her into rest mode, bring it back out of restmode and restart the game with zero issues.
@stech786 from what I understand we’re still waiting for a kernel exploit and a hypervisor exploit. We don’t know what firmware version these will be discovered / released for, so it’s safer to keep your PS5 on 3.00 until a fully working jailbreak is revealed.
@bilbi this news implies that we have a webkit sandbox escape, from here we need a Kernel exploit to be able to gain arbitrary permissions to load and utilize homebrew software. this does not mean any affected ps4s and ps5s have a full exploit chain.

stay on the lowest ofw that you can, sometime in the near future a kernel level exploit will be found, after that all someone needs to do is chain the webkit exploit and the kernel exploit for a complete homebrew ready jailbreak.
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