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PS5Scene developer @sleirsgoevy shared a PS5 4.03 Kernel Exploit Payload.bin Loader Host via Twitter over the weekend, noting that while ELF payloads are not currently supported it accepts payloads in PLD (.bin) format on PS5 Firmware 4.03 for those interested in decrypting executables (as confirmed by @zecoxao on Twitter) from PlayStation 5 game file dumps... keeping in mind per Znullptr on Twitter, "Sure, was a bit vague, I meant people have known how to dump the binaries for months.. decrypt them for some time too. However it's pointless as setting up a new process for homebrew is one thing, getting "fpkg" working without patching is unlikely." šŸ§
This comes proceeding the previous PS5 Game Dumps & Scene Rules, PS5 Decrypted ELF SHA-256 Hashes, an Astro's Playroom (HDD PS5 ASTROBOOT) File Dump, a Dumping PS5 PSN Games the Proper Way Guide, a Prosper0GDB PS5 Debugger & PS5 SELF Dumper (WIP), PS5 IPV6 Kernel Exploit v1.03, a PFSMNT PS5 Game App0 / Patch0 Automated Dumper and PS5 BD-JB ELF Loader v1.6.1 updates.

:idea: While some related details and files can be found in the spoiler below, additional PS5 file dumps are located in the private area topics for Verified Members (Verification Guide).


:arrow: IP9100-PPSA01325_00-PREINMASTER00000-Ver 1.600.pkg (10.26 GB - Astro V1.600 PKG)
PS5 4.03 Kernel Exploit Payload.bin Loader Host by Sleirsgoevy.png


I'm curious. Would the ps5 work with the 3DS emulator or Switch emulator? Thst would be awesome
Hi to all. I already know it's not one of the earliest but is ps5 with mw2 good for a future possible hack or the firmware is already to high??
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