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Previously we saw initial reports that PS5 backward compatibility with PS4, PS3, PS2 and PSX titles may be in development, followed by specifically PS4 Game Support on PlayStation 5 with definitive confirmation of the latter from Sony's Mark Cerny earlier this year. 🤗

According to a recent article following the PS5 official announcement this week though, PS5 backward compatibility may not support all PS4 game titles by launch as it's currently a work in progress. 🧐

To quote, roughly translated: "About compatibility with PS4

At present, the official announcement of SIE is that the PS4 software compatibility, which is described as “Designed to achieve compatibility with PlayStation 4 titles,” we are verifying. Please wait for further information. It is premised on compatibility, but how far titles are targeted is undecided."

PS5 Backward Compatibility May Not Support All PS4 Game Titles Yet.jpg



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If the PS5 is x86 based, and it would be stupid for a non-portable console not to be nowadays, PS4 backwards compatibility should be simple.

The holdup is probably to figure out how to sell remakes of last generation games if they are already 1080p/60 or 4k and play well.


I find it weird that they come with the backward compatibility after they launched PS now... I've been waiting for this a long time, but let's just wait and see what's in the official compatibility list.

Chaos Kid

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I would be interested to see how they pull of backward compatibility if the so claim is x86 and yet consoles like ps3 and bellow is ppc and mips how do they realy fully make it compatible with multiple targets of arch

Psnow don't really claim for backwards compatibility when you need the cost + subscription and the whole streaming from a server justify as backwards compatibility

I think backward compatibility for psx/ps2/ps3 should be removed only claim I found for backward compatibility is mentioned is for ps4 and everything else is deemed unlikely as it's not on ps4


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Aha. Same history like previous with PS3. Shame, Sony seems are greedy bastards. Didn't planning to buy PS5 anyway. Better to put money on better PC. 90% of games is multiplatform.

For me PS4 is just for exclusives, jRPGs and some adventures. Didn't afford to play FPS (really?) on PS4, I has PC for it (144Hz and 60-120 FPS+, can't compare it to PS4). But jRPGs I can always play on laptop. So just exclusives, not more than 10 good ones in a lifespan. Even maybe just sell mine PS4, while it has reasonable price with 5.05 KEX onboard.

Later can borrow PS4 somewhere when TLOU2/FFVII Remake arrives. That's all - no more than 4 good games left in this lifespan (maybe not 4, RDR2 & Detroit will be released soon, Kingdom Hearts 3 also confirmed on PC; FFVII Remake also IMHO will be released on PC)... So just TLOU2 left. Will I update to latest fw for 1 game? No!
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