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According to reports, as manufacturing nears completion and with Sony postponing the unveiling the likelihood of PS5's design leaking early increases... since the initial patent, leaked images and PS5 DevKits surfacing the latest patent reveals the PS5 Development Kit (DevKit)'s cooling system. ❄

With the temperature rising outside lately, it's definitely an opportune time to examine the PS5 DevKit cooling system... hopefully Sony put as much thought into the retail PlayStation 5's cooling system design and efficiency as well. 🥶

Drop by the PS5 News Forums and share your thoughts on this latest PlayStation 5 News as we await further word from Sony on a new date for their official next-gen console's unveiling.
PS5 Development Kit (DevKit) Cooling System Revealed in New Patent.jpg
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Better than Xbox 2 design, finally sony learn from their mistakes to make more cooling vent on their console is better since they use AMD based processor


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it won't matter... they will use the cheapest parts they can... PLUS the rush back to work since a lot of the manufacturing was halted because of covid just means an even faster assembly of the first gen... which means poor quality.


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@mukasange You do realize that ever since Ryzen dropped back in 2017, AMD is the one that's cooler and has much better power efficiency? Keep up with the times. Plus the CPU won't be the problem for cooling in the next gen consoles, it's the GPU that's the main issue.

Especially PS5 which will run it at 2.23GHz. None of the desktop equivalents have that stock speed, so it will definitely be interesting to see if there will be thermal throttling.


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They actually spent more on cooling than ever before. I'm actually pretty happy about that, especially since the massive overheating issues from the PS3 generation. As long as they don't build a tall ass box like the next xbox I'll be happy. Can't imagine trying to stick that tall box inside an entertainment stand.
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