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Proceeding his PS4 Console Manager Tool for TestKits / DevKits among many contributions over the years, this weekend developer @MrNiato on Twitter alongside IN0USTAR made available a PS5 DevKit / TestKit Console Manager for those with PlayStation 5 development hardware in the PS5Scene as "just a fun project with no real goal." :cool:

Download: PS5App.rar (505 KB) / GIT

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And from the, to quote: PS5 Devkit Testkit Console Manager


A sh!tty software to manage your PlayStation 5 Devkit & Testkit made in C# with Visual Studio using ProsperoTMLib.dll

Made by:
Guillaume MrNiato & IN0USTAR


This software is not for use with a normal PS5 Console, this is only for test and developer console.

  • Connect
  • Power Off
  • Rest Mode
  • Reboot
  • Get IP
  • Get Owner
  • Get Console Type
  • Get *** Version
  • Get File Serving Root
  • Set Mode (Release, Assist, Development)
  • Set File Serving Root
there is no requests to the ps5 activation token being read on nvs via the kernel, or the signature for that matter. which means that the kits store the token and signature elsewhere (likely the snvs from floyd)
the ps4 testkit and devkit store the activation token and activation rsa signature inside the flash. it is not the case with ps5 testkit. it's stored elsewhere.
by activation i mean kit activation, not psn activation :)
PS5 DevKit TestKit Console Manager by MrNiato and IN0USTAR.png


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