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If you're fortunate enough to Locate a PlayStation 5 Console already in the PS5Scene, even with DualSense Controller PS5 Firmware Updates and an Official PS5 DualSense Controller Driver for Linux you may still experience the dreaded 'stick drift' issue with your DS5 Wireless Controller for PS5... luckily YouTuber John Glasscock recently shared some troubleshooting tips on how to diagnose and potentially fix it before relying on Sony for hardware repair. 🎮

Check out the video below alongside a 🤩 MEGA database 😍 containing Debugging Symbols for videogame executables located at Debugging.Games, and cheers to @zecoxao via Twitter for passing the info along. 🍻

PS5 Stick Drift Fix via Roc6d's YouTube Channel
PS5 DualSense Controller Stick Drift Issue Troubleshooting Tips.jpg



Really wish we'd ditch joysticks and switch to some sort of inverse IR hybrid that allows for tactical feedback. (Think inverted mouse sensor... those of you who had the Blackberry might know what I'm talking about, here's an article about the tech).
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