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Proceeding the GhidraOrbis PS4 Loader Plugin, his GT7Tool to Decrypt / Unpack GT7 PS4 Archives and the recent PS5 Hacking Progress including 4.03 PS5 Error Codes and PS5 4.03 Registry Key Entries / PS5 Title IDs today PlayStation 5 Scene developer @flatz released via Twitter a PS5 ELF Loader Plugin for use with the Interactive Disassembler IDA Pro 7.5 alongside PS5 Symbols (PS4 Symbols / Debug Symbols MEGA Archive) on his Github repository. :geek:

Download: (includes, prospero.til, and ps5_symbols.txt) / GIT / PS5 BD-JB ELF Loader / sce_symbols via SiSTR0 forked from sce_symbols via zecoxao

Here's further details from the ida_ps5_elf_plugin's IDA PS5 .elf plugin (c) 2021-2022 by flatz


  • Put all files into their corresponding directories by keeping this directory's structure.
  • Use 64-bit IDA and standard ELF64 for x86-64 (Unknown) [elf64.dll] when loading .elf/.prx file.
  • Apply any kernel options that you use usually.
  • If you see warning Unsupported or unknown image type, then press Yes, thus ignoring it.
  • Wait till plugin complete its own work. I use many heuristics to locate a lot of useful information within .elf file, so please be patient.
  • Ignore all possible warnings that may happen during processing. Some of structures are getting updates from one version of *** to another, that may cause warnings as well until they will be fully supported.
  • If you want to add new symbols or edit existing ones, then update file cfg/ps5_symbols.txt and til/prospero.til optionally.

If you use some cracked version of IDA and see annoying __usercall calling conventions that breaks code analysis when decompiling x64 functions, then it can be fixed by appending idapro to DISABLE_USERCALL list at cfg/hexrays.cfg.

Another solution is modifying artificially broken hexx64.dll plugin by changing idapro string written there to hexx64, e.g.:
69 64 61 70 72 6F 00 00 72 73 70 00 72 62 70 00 -> 68 65 78 78 36 34 00 00 72 73 70 00 72 62 70 00
Known bugs
  • Need to update some structures, e.g. sceProcessParam, to reflect more fields that it may take.
  • Need to parse exception handler sections properly because their format was changed since PS4. Could be useful to tweak function boundaries even more.
P.S. PRs with bug fixes and improvements are welcome.
:arrow: Update: In other PlayStation 5 Symbol news, below is a simple Windows symbol program visible only on PS5 as it was previously patched on PlayStation 4. :spsbuttoncolor:
this is old news but returnal ships with debugging symbols
PS5 ELF Loader Plugin for IDA 7.5 with PS5 Symbols by Flatz!.jpg


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