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Alongside today's PS5 2.25 System Software update, the PS5 WebKit OSS and PS5 Browser Hidden Backdoor recently PlayStation 5 Scene developers @pearlxcore (Twitter) and @SilicaAndPina (Twitter) made available a PS5 Firmware Checker to check for the latest PlayStation 5 PUP update files automatically downloaded to and a PS5FWBot to tweet when new updates are released. šŸ¦

Download: (includes PS5 Firmware Checker.exe) / GIT

From the PS5-Firmware-Checker

Check and download the latest PS5 system firmware. Credit to Siliccan for updatelist.xml.

:idea: It would be awesome if whenever the official PS5 System Software changelog page (similar to THIS one for PS4) is discovered the PS5 Firmware Changelogs could also be incorporated in the update checkers for each revision in addition to the PS5 Firmware Version, Label, DevKit Version, Size and SHA256 Checksum. šŸ¤©

If you get generic "Something Went Wrong" errors CE-107863-5, or E2-00000000 on your PS5, this thread explains what they are and how to fix or avoid them.
PS5 Firmware Checker for PlayStation 5 Updates and PS5FWBot Arrives!.png


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