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According to rumors based on a recent patent from Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) uncovered at the USPTO, the upcoming PlayStation 5 next-gen console may feature a reworked game invite system potentially with picture-in-picture functionality allowing players to invite you into a game by launching it as a PS5 background process. 😀

This comes following PlayStation Assistant / Scene Tagging speculation, PS5 Pre-order Notifications, the Godfall PS5 Trailer, the official PS5 Logo unveiling and purported PS5 UI Image leak.

To quote from on the summary of their latest find: "Here are some key points from the full document.
  • Launching occurs without user intervention at the invitee computer device
  • Invitee console will show a gaming session launch window associated with the launching, based on the invitation
  • Invitee console will display the window as a picture-in-picture if other game processes or apps are running
  • The game will launch as a background process
  • Launching is occurring automatically with one or more applications are running in the foreground on invitee computing device
And from the patent, to quote: "Systems and methods for establishing a multiplayer gaming session are provided.

A method can include selecting at least one invitee computing device from a plurality of invitee computing devices to join the multiplayer gaming session and a game from a list of games for the multiplayer gaming session.

The method can include transmitting an invitation to join the multiplayer gaming session to the at least one invitee computing device and causing the at least one invitee computing device to launch the game in a background process with one or more applications running in the foreground at the invitee computer."

Recently Sony's CEO Jim Ryan shared his thoughts on a PS5 Release Window for the Holiday 2020 launch, and here's to hoping more will be revealed in next month's PlayStation Meeting to finalize details on a new PS VR Headset incoming and the next-generation PlayStation 5 console.
PS5 Game Invite System Reworked Rumors Surface via Sony Patent.jpg



it seems like the next gen systems will finally have proper multi-tasking.. perhaps the PS5 will be what Sony made the ps3 out to be.. yet it lacked background installs (granted RAM size exploded over the last 10 years) still I'm waiting for a console with file management and true USB access, a proper web browser, etc., that I can replace my PC with ;)

Really hope they release a PS1/PS2 memory card adapter like they did with the PS3 otherwise nobody is gonna wanna start everything from scratch.. again.. takes some of the nostalgia away if you don't get to backup your saves the same way you used to or enjoy the hours of work ya put into your games back in the day...


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Looks like they want to preload a game in the background when an invitation is received, so that if you accept the invite you can be loaded into the game faster. Hopefully this preloading doesn't cause a performance issue while you're currently another game.


The machine looks amazing from what I saw and for its self being backwards compatibility for all playstation disc models I think that Sony and there users are going to be sastified with this make.

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