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Since reporting on the PS5 PSU Voltages Pinout Diagram and PS5 IDU Mode Image, also in PS5Scene news this weekend VVildCard777 shared a PS5 H2025K4702 IC Flash Chip Pinout Diagram alongside the related Service Manuals, Attack Manuals and Info Manuals that @zecoxao (Twitter) documented on the PS5DevWiki for developers. :geek:

Download: Infineon-SLM 9670-DataSheet-v01_00-EN.pdf (Service Manuals) / HWIO_OTB.pdf & PAINE2020_NVM.pdf (Attack Manuals) / PC-Client-Specific-Platform-TPM-Profile-for-TPM-2p0-v1p05p_r14_pub.pdf (Info Manuals)

This PlayStation 5 News comes proceeding the PS5 CXD90060GG Processor SoC (System on a Chip) Images among recent updates including a DFI-D1000AA PS5 Development Kit & DFI-T1000AA PS5 Testing Kit hitting eBay, the PS5 HD Camera Firmware & Files Dump and some PlayStation 5 Debug Settings images surfacing earlier this month.
PS5 H2025K4702 IC Flash Chip Pinout Diagram for PS5Scene Devs.jpg



Um... the overlayed footprint definitely does not match the PCB footprint... what am I missing here?

NCI means Not Connected Internally and according to the image there are a whole bunch of connections to NCI pins.
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