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On this 2020 Election Day in the US, footage revealing several PlayStation 5 leaks surfaced featuring a glimpse of a PS5 Kiosk at Walmart, leaked copies of PS5 games including Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Sackboy: A Big Adventure sold before the street date by a Middle Eastern retailer according to and a video of what appears to be a retail PS5 console in the wild revealing a brief DualSense Controller animation screen. 🤩

Download: PS5_Kiosk_Leak.mp4 (1.94 MB) via ShroudPanda / PS5_Games_Leak.mp4 (4.18 MB) via Faisal_xtr / PS5_DualSense_Controller_Animation_Leak.mp4 (1.22 MB) via ABCYoungBoy

These PS5 leaks come following the previous PS5 Prototype Leak, DualSense PS5 Controller Image Leak and Russian PS5 User Interface Boot Startup leak prior to Sony's official PS5 UI / UX Unveiling.

In addition to the recently released PS5 PKGs, as was done with PS3 and PS4 games early in the PS4 Scene when raw PS5 game disc dumps surface PS5 Scene devs can begin examining the encrypted files... the same applies to PS5 Firmware PUP Updates (thus far we've seen purported PS5 System Software versions including PS5 Firmware 0.100.020, PS5 Firmware from a PS5 TestKit) and the upcoming PS5 System Software 20.02- Launch Update (previous version was 20.02- to create PUP Decrypters / Unpackers.

Below are some related Tweets from the leaked PS5 News updates, and feel free to share your comments below in the PlayStation 5 Scene Forums.
PS5 Kiosk, PS5 Games, PS5 Console Controller Animation Leaks Surface!.jpg


When PS5 is out Sony's current generation console naturally becomes the primary focus over last gen, the same as PS4 superceeded PS3 after its release once more scene developers transitioned to it.

PS4-related developments will still be ongoing, but as it becomes antiquated technology interest will slowly decline as Sony shifts their attention to PS5 and more sceners inevitably jump on the bandwagon.
Honestly speaking the PS5 started out as very interesting to me but as more news come out the more disappointed I am with it. One the main things for me was the "backward compatibility" unfortunately it only extends to the PS4 and even then it only has some compatibility despite using the architecture...
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