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Recently industry insider Tidux shared a link to an updated Sony patent (with another HERE), which means according to reports the PS5 may offer backwards compatibility and play PS4 games on the upcoming PlayStation 5. :D

To quote from on this interesting discovery:

"PS5 backwards compatibility is looking a little more likely after a US patent was updated by Sony Interactive Entertainment America. Updated on February 13, it clearly states: “Backward compatibility testing of software in a mode that disrupts timing.”

This isn’t confirmation that the PS5 will be able to play PS4 games, but it could be an indication that Sony is conducting some kind of backwards compatibility testing."

PS5 May Play PS4 Games According to Sony Patent Updates.jpg



Why wouldn't it be backwards compatible. PS4 is essentially a low cost PC with mid to low range GPU. There is no reason for any modern console to not be backwards compatible, since none of them have proprietary hardware technology.


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I think it's easier for to support backward comparability if the ps5 they are using back amd apu. Unlike previous generation. And they better support ps4 games especially they thinking of ending ps4 so early.
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