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Since the Chiaki free and open source PS4 Remote Play client release, a PS5 Remote Play on PlayStation Vita Chiaki Port (WIP) is available courtesy of AAGaming00 on Catvibers Git with help from jbaiter_ alongside a demonstration video and guide below from BrandonNel10 via Brandon Nel's YouTube Channel for use with PS5 Remote Play on a hacked PlayStation Vita handheld console. :love:

Download: chiaki.vpk (VItaki alpha v0.0.2) (1.4 MB) / GIT

To quote from the PS5 Remote Play on PlayStation Vita - First Working Beta (CHIAKI PORT) video's description & pinned guide by Brandon Nel:

PS5 Remote Play on PlayStation Vita - First Working Beta (CHIAKI PORT)

An early port of Chiaki, the open source PS4/PS5 Remote play app, for the Vita is finally working, and is able to remote play with PS5, albeit with some amount of lag and other bugs. (These include missing controls, no audio, home on PS5 is start + select etc)

If you have a Modded PS Vita console, you can grab the latest version from this Git page: ChiakiPSV

Instructions are pinned in the comment section.

This is the first version to be released with working video streaming from the console. Plenty of more updates to come, so be sure to keep an eye out for them.

Thanks to AAGaming00 & jbaiter_ from Twitter for your amazing work! The PlayStation Vita lives on!

Thanks to all the developers and beta testers involved to help to make a proper PS5 Remote play app for the PSV a reality!
(Sorry about the camera quality. It was taken in a dark room with my ultrawide camera, as well as being cropped in.)


(Note that your console should already be modded, and Vitashell has to be installed. You also must be signed into the same PSN account on both devices.)

1: Download the latest Chiaki vpk file from the Git link in the description.

2: Move over the Chiaki.vpk file to your PS Vita using Vitashell.

3: Install Chiaki in Vitashell. Go back to the livearea and open the Chiaki app.

4: Go to your PS5 and make sure Remote Play is turned on under Settings -> System -> Remote Play. Make sure both PS5 and PS Vita are on the same network.

5: Your PS5 console should appear in Chiaki. While under Settings -> System -> Remote Play on your PS5, press "Link Device." It should show an 8-digit code.

6: Choose your PS5 console in Chiaki. Enter the 8-digit code under "Registration code" to link your PS Vita. This only has to be done once. After entering it, go back using circle, and choose your PS5 again.

7: Remote Play should start automatically and you should see a prompt on your PS5 that remote play has started. (Note that the PS button is mapped to Start + Select on the PS Vita.)


If Chiaki freezes, gives an error, or grey screen, then restart Chiaki + your PS5 console, and repeat steps 4-7. It might take a couple of tries before it works properly.

Any other bugs are unfortunately out of my control and I won't be able to help, as I didn't develop this app. If it doesn't work for you at all then please wait for a newer version, or report your issue under the "Issues" tab on the Git page.

Make sure to give feedback on the Git page to help support the development.

Cheers to @Roc6d via Twitter for the initial heads-up on this PS5 Scene news last month in the Tweets below! šŸ»
PS5 Remote Play on PlayStation Vita Chiaki Port (WIP) & Demo Video.jpg


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