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Proceeding his xPloitServer Persistent Android Webserver, recently PlayStation 5 Scene developer @stooged shared a PS5 Server Project for ESP8266 D1 Mini Pro he's developing on Github to provide a Wifi HTTP and DNS server with details below! 🤩

Download: / GIT

From the, to quote: PS5-Server

This is a project designed for the ESP8266 D1 Mini PRO to provide a Wifi HTTP server and DNS server.

The ESP8266 server will redirect the user guide HTTPS request to the servers internal HTTP index page.

A FAT32 formatted SD card can be used as the storage for the data, if the SD card is missing the ESP8266 will default to SPIFFS storage.

Settings for the D1 Mini PRO

The CPU frequency must be 160 MHz
  • Board: "LOLIN(WEMOS) D1 mini Pro"
  • Upload Speed: "921600"
  • CPU Frequency: "160 MHz"
  • Flash Size: "16MB (FS:14MB OTA:-1019KB)"
  • Debug port: "Disabled"
  • Debug Level: "None"
  • IwIP Variant: "v2 Higher Bandwidth"
  • VTables: "Flash"
  • Exceptions: "Legacy (new can return nullptr)"
  • Erase Flash: "Only Sketch"
  • SSL Support: "All SSL ciphers (most compatible)"
Cheers to @jwooh for passing along this PS5 News awhile back! 🍻
PS5 Server Project for ESP8266 D1 Mini Pro in Development by Stooged.jpg



Good news. Also wish the best for everyone trying to get a PS5. Its quite the event trying to get one into your cart and purchased.


Finally got my board in the mail and did all the figuring out to program it. I've never used Arduino IDE before today. It was interesting. I hope to see what this might bring in the future.