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Proceeding their previous PS5 OFW revision, this morning Sony pushed live a PS5 System Software / Firmware 22.02- update adding support for the DualSense Edge Wireless Controller among the changes outlined below. šŸŽ®

:alert: As always, DON'T UPDATE if you wish to use PS5 Game Backups and PlayStation 5 homebrew apps, emulators, etc whenever a full PS5 Jailbreak Exploit (PS5Jailbreak Status) in the PS5Scene becomes publicly available.

Download: PS5 Firmware 6.50 Update (US) / PS5 Firmware 6.50 Update (EU) / PS5 Firmware 6.50 Update (UK) / PS5 Firmware 6.50 Update (AU/NZ) / PS5 Firmware 6.50 Update (JP)

Here's the PS5 v6.50 Firmware Update changelog from Sony's official page: Version: 22.02-06.50.00
  • The DualSense Edge wireless controller is now supported.
  • This system software update improves system performance.
Cheers to @Doyle444 via Twitter for the heads-up on this and sharing the image below! šŸ»
PS5 System Software Firmware 22.02-06.50.00 Live, Don't Update!.jpg


Oh crap, I thought DualSense Edge will automatically work on all Ps5's including those on 4.51 and lower.

Hopefully the scene will come up with an exploit to add support for jailbroken Ps5's.
I am skeptical in the long term that there will be ANY exploit to allow PS5 backups to run anytime soon.

Personally I think it will take many years for this to happen? But even why if it actually does? It will take quite a few years to even materialize... Given the extra security measure implemented on the current batches and hardware of the PS5 consoles... I hope I am wrong though... but I highly doubt it. :cry:

Maybe some emulation... but that's going to be your lot unfortunately.
Not open for further replies.