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PS5 News       Thread starter PSXHAX       Start date Mar 14, 2023 at 1:07 PM       22      
After last week's PS5 7.00 OFW Update comes another PS5 System Software / Firmware 23.01- revision, with Sony stating in their official changelog the Discord voice chat disconnect issue is now fixed. 🗣️

:alert: As always, DON'T UPDATE if you wish to use PS5 Game Backups and PlayStation 5 homebrew apps, emulators, etc whenever a full PS5 Jailbreak Exploit (PS5Jailbreak Status) in the PS5Scene becomes publicly available.

Download: PS5 Firmware 7.01 Update (US) / PS5 Firmware 7.01 Update (EU) / PS5 Firmware 7.01 Update (UK) / PS5 Firmware 7.01 Update (AU/NZ) / PS5 Firmware 7.01 Update (JP)

Here's the PS5 v7.01 Firmware Update changelog from Sony's official page: Version: 23.01-07.01.00

Latest system software update for PS5 consoles

System software features on the PS5 console

Version: 23.01-07.01.00

  • We’ve fixed an issue that was causing Discord voice chat to disconnect.
Cheers again to @Doyle444 for the heads-up on this PS5 7.01 Firmware Update via Twitter earlier today! 🍻
PS5 System Software  Firmware 23.01-07.01.00 Live, Don't Update!.jpg


James Russell

@tommasi I love this comment. BUT! There is still gaming with 2 kids. Just platined Ragnarok, the only difference is that I achieved it in 2 months instead of 2 weeks, like it would have been in my - let us say - "prime time". :D

I can see the sh!tposts coming that I should be with the children etc., but the truth is that they sleep quite a lot.

I am 36 with twins, so it is like playing the game on hard difficulty. I can't even imagine how it would be with "only" one child, but it is probably nothing. :)


Senior Member
@James Russell if you’re 36 now the exploit will come out when you’re 42. That’s my point. Plus, most of the games are now free at the libraries! Enjoy your time now and never wait on something that could never come.