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As a follow-up to the PS5 DevKit / TestKit Console Manager App earlier this month, PlayStation 5 Scene developer @MrNiato shared on Twitter a PS5 TestKit Model DFI-T1000AA DEX Console demonstration video showcasing the 2.30 PS5 Developer Firmware menus from his YouTube Channel. šŸ¤©

Previously we've seen a Sony DFI-T1000AA PDF from the FCC alongside some PS5 Development Kit Software v0.9.0 / v1.0.0 / v2.0.0 leaks and several PlayStation 5 Debug Settings Images prior to receiving confirmation of PS5 Debug Settings on Retail Consoles last winter with PlayStation 5 Suitest details.

This is not a normal PS5, this is a developers console. there is nothing about jailbreak or hack in the video.

Finally on the PlayStation 5 retail side @KIWIDOGGIE (Github - aka diwidog / kd_tech_ on Twitter) points out in the Tweets below that despite the PS5 Root Keys Obtained privately and PS5 Webkit Execution publicly, unlike PS4, the PS5 utilizes (3) stages of security... Webkit (Userland), Kernel level and some additional memory (Hypervisor codenamed Hylonome / VM) protections. šŸ§
kernel 3.00 testkit data (no perconsole info removed): kernel_300_testkit_data.bin (136.50 MB)
here's a couple of decrypted testkit pups:
i'm still missing 2.00 until 2.30, hopefully soon enough
here's all pups i can possibly decrypt using my ps5 testkit:
range goes from 1.05 to 2.30. 1.00 not included for some reason...
just shared 4.03 testkit decrypted modules over at testing discord
it means i was able to get access to a kit on 4.03 testkit firmware and used sleirsgoevy payload to dump all the system and system_ex modules from it, as well as the inner kernel modules
  • Tools.rar (4.4 MB - my tools my script create fpkg (decrypt Fpkg) for PS4)
  • Publishing Tools For DevKit TestKit.rar (2.9 MB - Publishing Tools for DevKit TestKit ONLY - Patch Eboot Patch prx, included in my tools it also works for demos my tool only works on development consoles activated 90 days)
Publishing Tools For DevKit TestKit
Patch Eboot Patch prx
ConvertToDEBUG_1 = File Prx New
Sony just banned all PS4 and PS5 testkits and devkits that are unauthorized from entering psn rofl
PS5 TestKit DFI-T1000AA DEX Console on 2.30 Developer Firmware Demo.jpg


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