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Following the previous PlayStation 5 User Interface rumors and PS5 UI Concept Demo videos, this weekend wsb_BernieMadoff shared a rumored PS5 User Interface (UI) Boot Startup Leak video via Reddit alongside some fresh Scarlet Nexus PS5 official trailer videos for the upcoming PlayStation 5 Game below. :pumpkin:

Download: PS5_UI_Startup_Leak_(Video)_PS5.mp4 (7.11 MB)

Also below is an image from this Russian PS5 Photos (Unconfirmed) gallery via Reddit Moderator hybroid that purportedly shows PS5 may have 664 GB estimated free SSD space available. :unsure:

PS5 User Interface (UI) Boot Startup Leak Rumored, Scarlet Nexus Trailer 2.jpg

Scarlet Nexus - TGS PS5 Trailer

Strange creatures called “Others” ascend from the skies to feed on human brains. Built up with the best combatants, the Others Suppression Force (OSF) was created to counter this threat.

Kasane is an orphan who lost her parents in a raid from the Others when she was a child. She joins Yuito Sumeragi as a playable character with her own skills and story.

Both Kasane and Yuito will benefit from the support of party members, such as Gemma Garrison, Luka Travers or Tsugumi Nazar, in order to get rid of the Others threat.

Scarlet Nexus - The Oral Cigarettes Music Video PS5

NOW PLAYING:「 Dream In Drive 」

Discover the original theme song of SCARLETNEXUS by The Oral Cigarettes! via oral_official

Scarlet Nexus - PS5 Dev Diary #1

「 Connecting with the Dev Team... 」

What is the meaning behind “Scarlet Nexus”?

Share your comments in the PlayStation 5 Forums, and cheers to @HydrogenNGU for the heads-up on this PS5 Scene rumor via Twitter earlier: 🍻
Anton Logvinov Hands-on
PlayStation 5 System Software | Update

Now Available from version 20.02- to version 20.02- (Size: 0.87 GB)
A PlayStation 5 System Software update to version 20.02- will be available at launch:
  • This system software update improves system performance
  • Minor bug fixes
PS5 User Interface (UI) Boot Startup Leak Rumored, Scarlet Nexus Trailer.jpg


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