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PS5 Jailbreaking       Thread starter PSXHAX       Start date Nov 11, 2020 at 3:37 AM       19,434       22      
Today Sony put live several PlayStation 5 pages including a System Software License Agreement for the PS5 System (EULA) page and a Source Code for Open Source Software Used in PlayStation 5 (PS5 OSS) page similar to the PS4 OSS WebKit that includes both a PS5 WebKit and PS5 WebKit JavaScriptCore downloads for PS5Scene developers to examine for potential exploits! šŸ˜

Download: (1.2 GB) / (1.2 GB) / (1.2 GB) / (1.2 GB) / (1.2 GB) / PS5UPDATE.PUP (828 MB - PS5 Update PUP v02.20.00.00) / PS5UPDATE.PUP (960 MB - PS5 Recovery PUP) / PS5 PUP updatelist.xml (if directory hash changes check HERE, still missing Recovery XML :unsure:)

Here's to hoping Sony puts live the PS5 System Software page soon (Update: It's now live! :D)... until then let the hunt begin, and cheers to @SilicaAndPina for the updates on Twitter:
Download: BLSUnpack to Unpack SLB2 Structured Files by PS4 Dev Zecoxao

PS5 WebKit Open Source Software Live, PS5Scene Devs Hunt for Exploits!.jpg



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Not. Just wait to see are there overheating issues like any first PS models have had. I'd wait for a newer serie of it. For instance, as to PS4, CUH 11xx was the worst, while CUH 12xx was significantly better as far as overheating issue are concerned.


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we all waiting for the jailbreak of ps5 and we appreciate the dev's work on ps4 scene, but we want to know if there's some work on ps5 jailbreak and that's all. thank you

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