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In PS5 News proceeding the DualSense Edge Wireless PS5 Controller, new PS5 Model CFI-1200 and Gray Camouflage PS5 Collection an updated PlayStation 5 console featuring a detachable disc drive via USB-C port is rumored to be in development by Sony according to mainstream media reports. 😃

Expected to arrive around September 2023 amid PlayStation 5 Pro Rumors, below are further details on the purported new PS5 with detachable disc drive from to quote:

"The console, currently named the D chassis PlayStation 5, will have almost identical hardware to the existing consoles already on the market.

The most surprising new feature of the new this new PS5 though, is that the console will have a detachable disc drive. The detachable disc drive will be connected to the PlayStation 5 using an extra USB-C port on the back of the console.

It’s understood that this new PlayStation 5 console will be sold on its own, or, in a bundle with the detachable disc drive. It’s also understood that the disc drives can also be purchased separately, so, if it gets busted, there’s no need to buy an entirely new console."
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This will be great for those that want to buy physical games and not digital. I am guessing the drive only works on the newer style console and not the digtal only console and not the digital only console that is out now. It would be nice if it worked on the one that is out now those consoles can be picked up used for a reasonable price.


That's because they don't sell as expected from digital and they have to do something to get rid of them. The world and the users mostly reject digital games. Using a combination of physical and digital is the best for everyone.


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From what I can tell it wont work on current PS5's as there is no USB-C on the back, there is the front but I can imagine $ony will implement some sort of security to the USB-C light Apple do with their lightning cables.

Be interesting to see what some hackers out there can do with this new drive.

Also, the PS5 digital is cheaper than the non, it should give people more of a chance to buy one now as they should be cheaper, the bundle will most likely cost the same as a non digital. If this works in $onys favour, I think this may be the new console standard.

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