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Awhile back we covered a report on YouTube terminating video game modding and hacking channels, and following his Fallout 4 PC Mods on PS4 Guide today PlayStation 4 scene developer @MODDEDWARFARE announced on Twitter that recently his YouTube Channel has been crippled and victimized by false claims that led to two strikes from Nintendo over fair use Switch tutorials for educational purposes. 🔨

When he reached out to YouTube for additional details, their reply was less than informative stating in part, "We cannot provide you specific details on what guideline your content has violated." :cautious:

Essentially YouTube is enforcing requests from large companies such as Nintendo while neglecting to provide the individual content creators details on why their videos allegedly violate the community guidelines... as he summarizes this broad issue, to quote:

"This is the problem YouTubers face with YouTube right now. The rules are not clearly defined. Their stated policies are not the same as their internal policies. They don’t apply their rules equally and they consistently allow large companies to abuse creators without penalty."

As a result, his YouTube Channel is able to upload videos again but currently the two strikes remain against it... so he's backing up his Switch guides on his BitChute Channel and exploring other options including LBRY.

Personally I've noticed that many older TV show full episodes are available on DailyMotion when the YouTube equivalents were taken down, however, their responsiveness to purported claims by companies (such as Nintendo) I haven't followed closely to determine if they're as rampant and abused as YouTube claims have been in recent months.

:idea: If anyone else has some decent alternatives to YouTube for hosting such videos feel free to share them in the comments below... keeping in mind the more established the sites are, the easier it will be for content creators to monetize their hard work and invest time into making new videos for everyone to enjoy. :lovewins:

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No problem, frustrating injustices like this from large corporations towards content creators are a pet peeve of mine... and another reason I'm glad I never got into YouTube heavily either.

A few other video sites I ran across are HERE and HERE, although I've not researched them in any depth beyond their FAQs.


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If your channel has a video of 20msec where you can see Mario, or metroid, or anything from nintendo they will throw a strike to your channel.

So anything showing switch hacking must be done with the precaution to not show anything nintendo related. An example would be using games like overcooked and things like these.


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Youtube have been Terminated Channel's and then brought them right on back. This have been done to the modding & cheat engine communities, cheat the game & (Stephen Chapman A.K.A. Sn34kyMofo) & guided hacking just to name a few.

PSXHAX and other similar websites is a great place to bring awareness to this on going problem. Thank you for this. Also here is a video from Sn34ky Mofo dated back (Nov 21, 2018)



I was wondering what happened to @MODDEDWARFARE. I hadn't seen him post in a few weeks. Man, YouTube is really going out with this mess. They need to specify the rules so people wouldn't be in violations without knowing they're in violations. But you're doing right, find some other means to spread your good messages to the world.
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