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This weekend PS4 Scene developer @CelesteBlue announced on Twitter news of a PSFree WebKit Exploit for PS4 6.00 to 9.60 crediting Sergei Glazunov and Maddie Stone (Twitter) of Project Zero for discovering the vulnerability, anonymous for writing the PSFree Exploit and himself for testing, porting and improvements alongside a QuickHEN PS4 collection incoming of WebKit exploits for PlayStation 4 System Software versions between 3.15 and 9.60 with Kernel exploits between 3.15 and 9.00 only albeit requiring more work. 🔥

Download: (39.93 KB) / GIT / PSFree Exploit (Live Demo) via @zecoxao on Twitter / psfree-beta2.7z (16.34 KB) via abc for 8.0x / psfree-beta3.7z (24.60 KB) via abc / PSFree Beta 3 Version (Live Demo) via Kameleonre_ / psfree- (30.30 KB) via abc / psfree-beta-140.7z (37.05 KB) via abc / PS5 Kernel Exploit 3.xx-4.xx (PSFree Integrated Live Demo) / PS5 Exploit Host via idlesauce / / PSFree900 GIT / PSFree 9.00 FW (Live Demo) via Kameleonre_ / 9.00 FW PSFree with GoldHEN (Live Demo) via ps3120 / 6.72 FW PSFree with GoldHEN via ps3120 / psfree-beta3-140.7z (37.92 KB) via abc / psfree-beta4-140.7z (37.93 KB) via abc / (36.1 KB) / PSFree 7.02 FW via Kameleonre_
This comes proceeding the PS4 NoBD: BD Driveless Updating & No BD Updater Payloads / PS4 NoBD Toolkit, to Retrieve Data from Any PS4 Console via SFlash Dump, PS4 CR0.WP Protection Kernel Security Bypass and pOOBs4: PS4 9.00 Jailbreak Exploit via ChendoChap with Updated Payloads previously released.

Here's further details from the included README.txt: PSFree version 1.2.0

PSFree is a WebKit exploit using CVE-2022-22620 to gain arbitrary read/write.

This exploit was initially for the PS4 firmware version 8.03. CelesteBlue has tested and confirmed that the original works on 7.00-8.52 and helped in making the patches for 6.00-6.72, 9.00-9.60, and PS5 1.00-5.50.

  • CelesteBlue from ps4-dev on for testing and porting to other firmwares
  • Quentin Meffre (0xdagger) and Mehdi Talbi (abu_y0ussef) for the 6.xx buildBubbleTree() UaF exploit that served as the framework for this exploit
  • Maddie Stone for the CVE writeup
Notes on reimplementing this project and testing on firmwares != 8.03:
  • num_reuse and num_str must be changed if the proof-of-concept is failing
  • 6.xx firmwares need a setTimeout() after a gc() for garbage collection to work. The duration may also need changing.
These values are at exploit.mjs. This implementation was tested on 8.03.

The values are implementation dependent. Even if you are on the same firmware and you test 2 different implementations, you may need to change the values.

For example, if you reimplement the project with setTimeout() callbacks instead of using Promises, even if you are on 8.03, you may need different values.



  • add support for PS4 6.00-6.20
  • add support for running ROP chains (PS4 8.03)
  • add support for calling syscalls (PS4 8.03)
1.0.0 changelog:
  • add proof-of-concept code to gain arbitrary read/write (PS4 6.50-9.60/PS5 1.00-5.50)

PSFree is a WebKit exploit using CVE-2022-22620 to gain arbitrary read/write.

This exploit is for the PS4 firmware version 8.03

Porting to other firmware versions:

The only non-portable parts of the exploit (assuming the firmware is vulnerable) are:

1. the size of SerializedScriptValue and the offsets of its fields
2. how to achieve an arbitrary decrement primitive

There also other objects used by this exploit such as StringImpl. They too are also subject to change between different firmware versions but are very stable hence why we did not list them.

Number 2 is used to corrupt the length of the JSArrayBufferView. This exploit manipulated the destructor ~SerializedScriptValue() to achieve the wanted result.

There is possibly a restricted free primitive via repeatedly corrupting any object that gets allocated at a JSArrayBufferView and changing its contents so that is frees another object.

For example you could modify a StringImpl to have its data pointer point to a target address and set its BufferOwnership to BufferOwned and have it destroyed.

The primitive is restricted as you can only fastFree() addresses known by the fastMalloc allocator. This means an address on the fastMalloc heap, regardless of whether it is free or not.

This means you can recreate any previous fastMalloc use-after-free exploit.

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I don't think it can replace the USB but maybe it can be faster and more reliable to jb it! Awesome news!
Guys, USB stick is still required. Those who say USB stick is not required with this new PSFree exploit do not understand the technical standpoint of PS4 exploits.

The Webkit part of the exploit - which this one is - is the userland exploit. It's the first stage. It's the time needed before you actually insert your USB drive with exFAT exploit (exfathax). This exfathax exploit (the one on your flash drive) is the kernel exploit. That's still needed. And that was fixed in firmwares after the 9.00.

Which means:
  • this new PSFree userland exploit still requires USB drive
  • this will not bring GoldHEN or homebrew support in general to firmwares newer than 9.00 (because of missing kernel exploit)
  • this exploit will only make it faster and more reliable in the part where you have to wait until you see the notification to insert your flash drive
And one last thing for those who are saying 5.05 exploit is better because of "one button function". Just get ESP32-S2 board and you don't have to connect any flash drive or jump out of your couch anymore. It's one click too and it works 100% for me. Every single time.
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