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Today PlayStation developer @Tustin let everyone know on Twitter that he's updated his PSN API PHP wrapper for developers, with one of the more popular services currently being the PSN Leaderboard API. :)

Download: / Latest Release / GIT / PSN Communities

To quote from the PSN-PHP Wrapper

This is a very easy to use PHP wrapper for the PSN API.


Documentation for this library can be found here: PSN-PHP Documentation

  • Authenticate with PSN
  • Get user information
  • View and manage your friends list
  • Manage and send messages through PSN
  • View trophies and trophies for a specific game
  • Create, manage, and view communities

For all feature requests, please create an Issue.

:arrow: Update: Also below is a PSNChecker Python script from Tustin, with details to quote: I rewrote my PSN checker in python for your Discord servers (as requested by KronosPlz) - enjoy!

Download: / GIT
import discord
import asyncio
import requests
import json

client = discord.Client()

def check_psn(psn):
    response ='', json={"onlineId": psn, "reserveIfAvailable": False})
    return response.status_code != 401 and response.status_code != 400

async def on_ready():
    print('Logged in as')

async def on_message(message):
    if message.content.startswith('!check'):
        splits = message.content.split()
        if len(splits) != 2:
        psn = splits[1]
        if check_psn(psn):
            await client.send_message(, '{0} is available'.format(psn))
            await client.send_message(, '{0} is taken'.format(psn))'token')
:arrow: Here's a Simple PSN Registration Bot from kronoscloud for those interested also:

Download: / GIT

From the, to quote: Simple-PSN-Registration-Bot

This Bot will allow you to create a playstation network account and assign an Online ID to it.

If you have a 2Captcha account you can set the API Key in the code and have the captchas retrieved automatically, if not please download this script I created for tamper monkey

Once installed go to!input.action and complete the captcha copy the token that appears in the big box and paste it in to the captcha field of the bot :)

You must provide a new captcha token with each attempt.

Download: PlayStation Discord (Latest Version) / GIT
PS4Debug Discord Implementation Proof of Concept
PSN API Updated PHP Wrapper for Developers by Tustin.jpg



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Am I dreaming ?

Thank you for the article. I saw on github Tustin did a lot of psn API stuff, and I learnt a lot. I remind of a Windows app doing the same, but I don't remind its name.

Nirav Patel

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Let me know if i can spoof my PS4 pro firmware version 3.70 with your APIs and update my games that will be very helpful to me and many others here. :)

Nirav Patel

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I think 1.76 users already have a permanent spoof with memory edit and change version to 9.99.

But people who don't have Linux on their Ps4, may get some hope if atleast they can login to psn without any firmware update.

Waiting for the day when i will be able to logon to psn from my PS4 Pro.
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