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It didn't take Sony long to kick off their latest PSN Savings Promotion for May 2023, which is now live on PlayStation Store featuring deals on a variety of PS4 and PS5 titles including WWE 2K23 Standard Cross-Gen Edition and Assassin's Creed Valhalla among the discounted games linked below. :)

Here's some additonal details from PlayStation Digital Promotions Specialist Zack Garvey, as follows:

The May Savings promotion comes to PlayStation Store on April 26, bringing with it a vast selection of titles discounted for a limited time.

You can get a preview of a selection of games that will feature in the promotion above. When the promotion goes live, head to PlayStation Store to see the full list and find out your regional discount.

The May Savings promotion runs on PlayStation Store from April 26 at 00.00am local time until May 10 at 23.59pm local time.
PSN Savings Promotion for May 2023 Live on PlayStation Store.jpg


Ubisoft do promotions on different assasin's creed quite often, i think. Recently i bought unity for $HK 40...

But here, this is the latest assassin creed. I think i'll have to buy it.. I usually like them.
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