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Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃 Since covering the PS4 XBSLink Guide, PS4 LAN / Multiplayer Spreadsheet, XLink Kai with PS4 Support, Destination Home (PlayStation Home) preservation project and PS3 RPCS3 Emulator updates those who still own a PS3 console in the PlayStation 3 Scene will be pleased to know PSONEmulation of announced on Twitter the revival of multiplayer gaming in several classic titles via their PSONE: PlayStation Online Network Emulated private servers! 🤩

While official Sony servers for LittleBigPlanet PS3 (among other titles) continue to be shutdown as greedy companies like Take-Two Interactive promote inferior game ports using lawsuits to intimidate their own fans it's great to see despite the circumstances some free preservation projects are still progressing well. <3

:note: Currently supported online games include Socom Confrontation, Killzone 2, Motorstorm, Warhawk and Twisted Metal Black with a work-in-progress (WIP) list featuring PlayStation Home, Ratchet: Deadlocked, Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal and Resistance with a PSONE Discord Server Channel available for related help. :tup:

:question: How is this accomplished? According to their FAQ page, to quote:

We do so by reverse engineering the protocol used by the games to communicate with there game servers. Once we get a basic understanding about whats happening we implement a proof of concept server and connect the game to it. Doing so usually gives us more information about the way the game works, which in turn is incorporated into the server. At some point we implement a proper server based on the information we found and work on improving the user experience.

:arrow: To get started, change your PS3's DNS server to the designated IP addresses (PSONE Primary DNS: / Secondary DNS: or or your choice of DNS service) following their simple Getting Started Guide.

:idea: Note: You do NOT need a Jailbroken PS3 console to play multiplayer games via PSONE private servers, and if connecting with a modified console you DON'T have to worry about being 'detected' and banned as Sony does on PSN. :)

However, a PlayStation 3 console with a PlayStation Network account or the RPCS3 emulator with an RPCN account is required alongside an active Internet connection to connect to PSONE DNS servers... if using the latter, you'll also need to be whitelisted via the PSONE Discord Server Channel.

Finally, below are some recent Tweets from earlier this month with the related videos from their PSONE YouTube Channel:

[WIP #1] Resistance: Fall of Man Private Server
PSONE: Killzone 2 Online Servers Back Online in 2021
[WIP #2] Resistance: Fall of Man Private Server
[WIP #2] Motorstorm Private Server
PSONE: Motorstorm | Private Server | Back Online in 2021
PSONE: Calling All Cars! | Private Server | Back Online in 2021
PlayStation Home Back Online 2021 Teaser | Destination Home PS Online Network Emulated
Audi S1 Sledge Multiplayer | PlayStation Home Online 2022 EU Exclusive Apartment
PSONE PlayStation Online Network Emulated for PS3 Multiplayer Gaming.png


Its nice to see people still working on stuff for the older consoles. I am not much for playing online but this is nice thanks.
Phah, look at those people! First they're got everyone confused by naming PlayStation one as rare PlayStation2 dvd player recorder. And now they are at a new hights with naming fan servers of PlayStation Network as it. There is no limit to them...
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