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After 9 years Sony's PSSE (PlayStation Suite Encrypted) layer used to protect a PSM (PlayStation Mobile) game's filesystem has been defeated on Unity and PSM games with a PSSE-Decrypt ( Python script to decrypt the PSSE layer of PSM games via PC available from @SilicaAndPina of aka KuromeSan on Github (formerly SilicaAndPina and siliccan on Twitter). 🤩

Download: / GIT / (8.8 MB - Includes PSMUI.exe to play PSM Games on PC) / PSM Reborn Torrent (94.21 GB - PSM Games Library)

Back in October 2018 he first announced news of PlayStation Suite Encryption Finally Beaten on YouTube, with the most recent videos available below from SilicaSan's Channel showcasing PSM Adventure Bar Labyrinth (NPPA00143) running in PlayStation Mobile Simulator.

Since then several community-based projects formed including
PSDLE / NoNpDrm Dump / NoPayStation, and this comes following the previous Unity PS4 Leaks, his PS4 GameMaker Studio 1.4 Port, details on Accessing the Hidden PS5 Web Browser, PS5Prxy Proxy Server App release, PS5TrophyExtract0r App release and ValkyrieStore (Valkyrie PS Store Extension).

For those interested, some related topics include PSM Games .cmbackup Files, a PSM PKG Unpacker, FckPSSE to dump / decrypt PSSE-protected games, a Bypass PSM Revocation Check (NoPsmDrm) and a NoPsmDrm Fixer for PSV Trophies alongside previously released PSM Dev / Unity ELFs, PSM Dev / Compati Packs, a PSM Developer Assistant, a PSM DevKit, MakePsmGreatAgain and FreePSM .suprx userland plugins for PS Vita.

Finally, from the psse-decrypt

Decrypt PSSE layer of PSM Games (on PC) Works on Unity and PSM games, and meets all requirements of: PSSE Decryptor [$102] #73

Code: <psm game folder>
Unfortunately, its probably not possible to play PSM games without a license..

After 9 years, the encryption used by PlayStation Mobile games is finally cracked!!

Requires: pycryptodome

HOW-TO: Run PlayStation Mobile Games on PC with PSM Simulator

PlayStation Mobile "Emulator" (really just a runtime for win32) :D


Have fun playing PSM on PC :D

Installing PSM Dev, and PSM Runtime Package from Sony Server

Sony said they don't have to give me PSM mono source code, because its been 3+ years since they last stopped offering it for download. However this is simply not true.

PlayStation Mobile Encryption Cracked After 9 Years

Keys open doors :D

From Unity Keys
PS3:       I3-DDQR-F4PJ-5D8E-G4TT-DQS2
Vita:      I3-B2DJ-BSR5-HKTE-2HHH-9QR2

PS4:       I3-9HBF-CRK9-TDEA-422V-KDB5
Vita/PS4:  I3-M7AD-279S-X79U-FPTT-854R

PS3/Vita:  I3-CH9J-73FU-F25C-NVPU-7Q43
Cheers to @Chronoss09 for the heads-up on this news earlier! 🍻
PSSE-Decrypt PlayStation Mobile Encryption Defeated on Unity and PSM Games.png



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As always, thank you for collating info and links. This may not be for everyone's taste but there were quite a number of fun games in this platform.

It is nice to see developers still working in the shadows to bring releases like this.

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