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Following VitaDump, that has recently been updated on GitHub, comes PSVCD which is a PlayStation Vita Cartridge Dump project by PS Vita developer Motoharu-Gosuto alongside a PS Vita RegistryEditor by some1psv and ipl_decrypt for decrypting pre-3.5X IPLs from zecoxao.

Download: / PSVCD GIT / RegistryEditor.vpk / Source code (zip) / Source code (tar.gz) / RegistryEditor GIT / ipl_decrypt GIT / / PSVGameSD GIT / / GameCard MicroSD GIT

Here's an introduction from the PSVCD for those interested:

PSVCD Introduction.

PSVCD stands for Playstation Vita Cartridge Dump. Basically this project summarizes my half year research on the ways to do a hardware dump of PS Vita cart. I think I should indicate that this research has no relation to Cobra Black Fin project and team.

Currently the process of dumping PS Vita carts is quite involved because you have to create a custom board. On the other hand - this approach does not have any firmware dependency since it is not related to software hacking. Current version of the board is constructed from DIP components but I think in the future I will create PCB layout and smaller board.

So the good news are that carts actually can be dumped. You should be able to do it if you complete all the steps of this readme. However this does not mean that you will be able to play cartridge dump on different instance of PS Vita. These dumps are the same dumps that you will acquire through Henkaku. And such dumps have multiple levels of encryption protection.

Even if there was any possibility to play the dump - from the hardware point of view you would need to write the dump to some spare game cart. Process of writing content to PS Vita cart is not established yet, though I think it can be done. I also should say that at current point you will not be able to use any different type of card like SD or MMC. PS Vita game carts have hardware CMD56 protection which helps PS Vita to identify original carts.

Last final note. This readme should not be considered as full or complete at current point. I hope I will be adding more and more details in the future. Of course - feel free to report any bugs, issues, typos etc. Any contribution will be welcome.

I am not an expert in electrical engineering so if you have any expertise and see some flaws in schematics please report. Any information would be very appreciated.

And some related Tweets from totallynotzecoxao:

Download: / PSVGameSD GIT via motoharu-gosuto / / GameCard MicroSD GIT via xyzz
Download: (8.9 KB)
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