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Following the previously released ControllerHomebrew.pkg and his recent PS4 RIF License File Renamer, today PlayStation 4 developer @Al Azif made available a homebrew.elf of PSVibe: PS4 Edition Controller Rumbler Tester on Twitter for use with PSXDev's OrbisLink (orbislink.pkg) repository that has since moved to LibOrbis by OrbisDev.

Download: homebrew.elf (632.38 KB) / homebrew.elf (600.09 KB) / homebrew.elf (628.27 KB - Flashing Rainbow Light Bar) / Latest Release / GIT

This comes proceeding both a PS Vibe Move Motion Controller Edition for PS3 by deroad, and a PSVibe Vita / PSTV Edition by NamelessGhoul0 for those keeping track... because, why not? :sneaky:

PSVibe PS4 Edition Controller Rumbler Tester Homebrew by Al Azif.jpg



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next who will ask for 6.xx should be banned for a week !!!
Every new thread is the same ....- STOP asking for 6.xx !!
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