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Following his PS4 Movie Maker v1.0 Script to Convert Videos to .PKGs and the recent PS1HDemu / PS+PSPemu Updates comes a PSX 2 PS4 v1.5 Windows application to convert PS1 iSOs to PS4 PKGs (PSXtoPS4) by @Markus95 (aka @Kus00095) on Twitter alongside a How to Convert PS1 Games to PS4 Tutorial from Markus95^^'s YouTube Channel below. :spsbuttoncolor: 🎮

As a result, a massive influx of PS1toPS4 PKGs and PSPtoPS4 PKGs have been added in the private area via @Grief247allday for Verified Members (Verification Guide) with a PSP conversion tool incoming from @JabuPL proceeding his SATURN-FPKG v1.1 for Converting Sega Saturn Games to PS4 FPKGs as well. :tup:

Download: PSX2PS4_v1.5.rar (69.7 MB - includes MENU_PSX2PS4_v1.5.bat) / Bloody Roar 2_PS1.pkg (377.56 MB) / Pursuit Force_PSP.pkg (1012.13 MB) / Tekken_Compilation_PAL(60hz)_PS1.pkg (1.08 GB) / Street Fighter Alpha Compilation_PS1.pkg (741.94 MB) / Dragon Ball Z Legends (JAP)_PS1.pkg (264.13 MB) / Tekken_PS1.pkg (662.94 MB) / UP9000-CUSA32644_00-NPUG801350000000-A0100-V0100-CyB1K.pkg (76.56 MB Base) / UP9000-CUSA32644_00-NPUG801350000000-A0101-V0100-CyB1K.pkg (13.81 MB Backport) - Echochrome v1.00 Fully Backported (PSP Emulator for PS4) by @CyB1K support at Cheap Gaming PayPal Page <3/ PS1 Classics Emulator Compatibility List

Spoiler: Depreciated

To quote from on this latest release in the PlayStation 4 Scene, roughly translated: PSX 2 PS4 v1.0 Your PS1 iSO on PS4

As promised, following the release of Siphon Filter by @CyB1K including a brand new PS1 emulator for our PS4s, here is a small tool allowing you to inject your own PS1 iSOs in order to run them on your PS4s.

Indeed, 48 hours ago, the developer @CyB1K offered the game CUSA31967, namely Siphon Filter emulated on PS4 via PS Plus Premium access, the most expensive Sony offer that allows you to discover or rediscover the PS1, PS2 library, PS3 and PSP.

This tool will therefore allow you to inject your PS1 iSO in order to take advantage of this new emulator which includes a lot of rather interesting options, such as smoothing, full screen and other small features.

For those who are used to my batch tools, you will not be out of place, for the newbies you just have to follow the instructions. You will find below a commented video tutorial to help you as much as possible to create your PSX PKGs.

Of course you will need a PS4 jailbreak 5.05 / 6.72 / 7.55 or 9.00, once the PSX PKG created with PSX 2 PS4 v1.0, the installation will be done as always by the install package from the debug menu.

For the moment, this tool does not support games with several CDs, moreover if you use a game including several .bins you will then have one or more error messages, do not take them into account the injection will still be done and i game will work.

It is also possible that some are not compatible, this is independent of my tool, fault of the emu used by Sony. Many thanks to @CyB1K, this tool is born thanks to its backport of Siphon Filter... See you soon for PSP2PS4 😜

PSX2PS4 Changelog via Markus95:

  • Basic release
  • Addition of Multi CD support, 4 cds possible (thanks @Oxeres for the manipulation)
  • Addition of a Compilation option (5 games max per PKG)
  • Added 60hz for PAL games
  • Change from CUSA to SLUS
  • Support for config files
  • Support for .lua files
  • Added a Video Tutorial option
  • New Expert Mode
  • Creation of .TOCs
  • Merge of .bin
  • New tutorial video for .TOC creation
  • Added link to config and .lua
  • Creation of the .toc automatically (thanks to Goatman13 for the .exe)
  • Added option to choose between 50hz or 60hz for PAL games
  • Merge of .bin automatically (the Merge and Toc part totally automatic)
  • Added option to skip Playstation and Sony logos
  • Added an option to skip the Start-Select help image (ps4 controller)
  • Added option to add new Bios
  • Added an option to have 60 FPS
  • Added an option to change the validation button (X > O)
  • Added Save-data.png icon
  • Fixed a bug that affected .cue
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