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Since the PS1HDemu / PSPHDemu Updates, PSX2PS4 App and PSP FPKG App developer @Schlyngue has also made available a PSX2PS4 v0.2 conversion tool Windows application as @Ghost1994 and @Grief247allday continue adding converted PKG games to the private area topics for Verified Members (Verification Guide) this weekend. šŸŽ®

Download: PSX2PS4 v0.2.7z (29.8 MB - includes PSX2PS4.exe and PSX2PS4.dll)

Below are further details from his release post on, roughly translated to quote: PSX2PS4 v0.2 by Schlyngue

Following the release of the PS1HD emulator from @CyB1K which he extracted from Siphon Filter, I offer you my PSX game conversion tool for your dear PS4 all in a beautiful interface but not only!

So yes I know Markus95's Tool already exists in batch but I had started working on it before the release of his tool and I was already too advanced when he released his so I prefer to propose it so as not to have worked for nothing.

Here are the main features of my tool:
  • When you select CD1, the tool will automatically retrieve the PS1 game id and suggest it for the PKG id.
  • After retrieving the PS1 game id, the tool will also automatically retrieve the game name and offer it
  • You can select any image for cover and background and the tool will automatically convert them to the correct format and also automatically resize them to the correct size.
  • If you do not select any image, generic images (those displayed in the tools) will be used automatically
You can also adjust some emulator settings:
  • Selection of the validation button in the emulator menus ("X" or "O")
  • You can decide when the help image for "START/SELECT" should appear.
  • You can select the "Fast boot" which allows you to start the game directly without going through the SONY and PLAYSTATION logos
I am already working on the next version which will allow to select many more settings regarding emulation and emulator. Feel free to send me a PM if you have any ideas for improvement or for any correction request.

:arrow: Recently @TheDarkprograme announced via Twitter he updated his PSP HD GUI on Github to PSPHD1.0.0.5 featuring the new PS Plus emulator too followed by v1.0.0.6 and more updates! :tup:

Download: (79.6 MB) / (Source Code) / PSP Injection (PSPHD Basic Injection) on PS4 Guide / PSTools Patreon

  • PSPTools (to decrypt PRX and Eboot Files for PSP emulation on PS4).
PSX2PS4 v0.2 by Schlyngue & PSP HD GUI v1.1 by TheDarkprogramer.png