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Since the PS1HDemu / PSPHDemu Updates, PSX2PS4 App and PSP FPKG App developer @Schlyngue has also made available a PSX2PS4 v0.2 conversion tool Windows application as @Ghost1994 and @Grief247allday continue adding converted PKG games to the private area topics for Verified Members (Verification Guide) this weekend. 🎮

Download: PSX2PS4 v0.2.7z (29.8 MB - includes PSX2PS4.exe and PSX2PS4.dll)

Below are further details from his release post on, roughly translated to quote: PSX2PS4 v0.2 by Schlyngue

Following the release of the PS1HD emulator from @CyB1K which he extracted from Siphon Filter, I offer you my PSX game conversion tool for your dear PS4 all in a beautiful interface but not only!

So yes I know Markus95's Tool already exists in batch but I had started working on it before the release of his tool and I was already too advanced when he released his so I prefer to propose it so as not to have worked for nothing.

Here are the main features of my tool:
  • When you select CD1, the tool will automatically retrieve the PS1 game id and suggest it for the PKG id.
  • After retrieving the PS1 game id, the tool will also automatically retrieve the game name and offer it
  • You can select any image for cover and background and the tool will automatically convert them to the correct format and also automatically resize them to the correct size.
  • If you do not select any image, generic images (those displayed in the tools) will be used automatically
You can also adjust some emulator settings:
  • Selection of the validation button in the emulator menus ("X" or "O")
  • You can decide when the help image for "START/SELECT" should appear.
  • You can select the "Fast boot" which allows you to start the game directly without going through the SONY and PLAYSTATION logos
I am already working on the next version which will allow to select many more settings regarding emulation and emulator. Feel free to send me a PM if you have any ideas for improvement or for any correction request.

:arrow: Recently @TheDarkprograme announced via Twitter he updated his PSP HD GUI on Github to PSPHD1.0.0.5 featuring the new PS Plus emulator too followed by v1.0.0.6 and more updates! :tup:

Download: (79.6 MB) / (Source Code) / PSP Injection (PSPHD Basic Injection) on PS4 Guide / PSTools Patreon

  • PSPTools (to decrypt PRX and Eboot Files for PSP emulation on PS4).
PSX2PS4 v0.2 by Schlyngue & PSP HD GUI v1.1 by TheDarkprogramer.png



after Install completed the dino crisis 2. The game name was Show (Markus95) not (dino crisis 2). What's wrong ? Please !!!

shishir pant

i am using retroarch in ps4 for ps1 multi disc ..disc swap works flawlessly how come your official ps1 does not have it.. just fix fix it soon in next update many people are facing this issue disc swap is no good if you reload the whole emulator.

once fixed we can also use codebreaker bin cue disc to load cheats as it also requires disc swap once you select the cheats.. i mean codebreaker as disc 1.

ps1 emulater exists in many operating system for pc we have psx1.4, for ps2 popstarter, original xbox pcsxbox even for xbox 360 there is one name i don't remember all with disc swap work flawlessly it is not hard to fix.. please reply.