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Howdy all! Up until today the way news was reported here at PSXHAX.COM consisted of users posting what they want in the Forums or Shoutbox, and then the Staff would move their posts to the main page for everyone to read and discuss.

Since PSXHAX.COM opened 17 months ago that simple system contributed to over 800 articles with a handful of snafus along the way, most notably the @GTAWWEKID PS4 2.50 exploit deemed fake and @racer0018's PS4 4.50 Beta Linux claim that was never substantiated.

It has come to our attention a warning has been put on stating the following:

"Please be aware that posts containing psxhax as a source for tools, homebrew, news, and misc information will be removed as this site is known to spread fake information, exploit', and brickware."

This PSXHAX warning is no longer accurate as of today, so if anyone is a member there it would be great if you can link them to this article which reassures their members and Staff that we are proactively addressing their concerns, effective immediately.

PSXHAX.COM Action Guidelines as of March 15, 2017:
  • We have removed the @GTAWWEKID and @racer0018 problem threads and will continue to do so should any new ones surface.
  • Any reported news that can't be substantiated (Sony rumors, for example) will contain the word 'Rumor' in the article title to ensure the headline accurately and clearly indicates the article's content as such.
  • Forum user-submitted news will NOT be mainpaged without reasonable proof as determined by the community including pictures, videos or code documentation to validate their claims or work.
  • Everyone from the current Staff except myself has been removed for the time being, so that we can properly retrain all selected Moderators before giving them permission to promote news here.
Finally, if we've missed anything with regards to these new guidelines or if you feel an article here still contains Clickbait / Fake News / Rumors let us know via Email, the Comments, Private Messaging or Twitter and we'll either remove it from the site or label it accordingly as detailed above and THANKS in advance for your help! :lovewins:
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Nirav Patel

Senior Member
I really appreciate this move. I am checking this site around 30 times a day when i get even little time to check if any reply came from racer0018. Day by day it was frustrating me because i am not able to spoof firmware version on my PS4 pro and not able to play new games.

Please block all these kind of activities going around psxhax.



Senior Member
I'm happy for you PSXhax finally doing something about all this BS, we all should contribute for the site and make it "no drama" well done on this post make it a proper forum like the ps3news days fun and informative.


Staff Member
That can only come in time, by implementing stricter rules and tighter moderation at least we're heading in the right direction now (y)
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