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We have opened this thread for every single member at PSXHax to share their ideas on how PSXHax can be a better community for now and for the foreseeable future without needing to "hopefully" ban anymore members or have constant false posts/information being handed to us..... and hopefully PSXHax will hopefully listen and understand each and every one of us users on here, because don't forget we are human and our opinions matter.

If you haven't stopped over on our Discord Server, you have noticed that a few members have noticed things need to change (CNCore, Vettegast....), we have came up with some of the things that need to change, Hopefully PSXHax will allow me to correct these perms and install the necessary add ons.

1) Correct the permissions
2) Remove all non-active staff
3) Remove all false negative posts unless they are confirmed by one of the active staff online at the time of post
4) Install plugins such as spamassassin, iplister to stop people from spamming the shoutbox and stop people from signing up from different IP Addresses once banned
5) Each user should at least make 5 posts before being allowed to chat in the shoutbox

Vettegast's Ideas for Improvements:

1) Make an catergory for people who is willing to learn to become a developer

Nesterwork Ideas for Improvements:

1) Clarify they are a genuine developer before handing out any sort of label/badge

Just to clarify aswell only @PSXHAX, can only reply to comments no one else can as it is for him to listen to and repond to the changes, just think of it this way.... its a way for him to get to know his users on here.

If any user wishes to add anything to this list to help improve let me know or any of the active staff who is online at the time and then PSXHax can allow us to make this change!

On the side note: PSXHax was a great community, let's make it great once again.
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I will say something once , , , Most young people don't know that most playstation haxs mods and ideas become available cause one person had the power to open this site in hard days which companies pay people for not sharing what @PSXHAX share , he didn't get any money he didn't put any ads like other playstation haxs sites and he gave it all for free cause he is a unique trust gamer like some like us, , , shame, nothing else , and some people will continue to say inappropriate words for him cause he became softer , , , if i have the power i will continue ban people who act like concrow, , , im very sorry to say that but is the only way to keep sadness and evil away from this excellent site , i will not let anyone to break @PSXHAX past cause maybe he thinks he is smarter


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@Akaike needs more proof ?

What exactly you want to tell me with that :D? I'm just saying a way to improve this site is: Don't post everything as a news until there is real proof.

And yes, this one is maybe a little bit too much of flame :D.

By the way, this guy uploaded a aslinux file ... which has nothing to do with PS4.


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Hello Everybody
I am sorry to see what this site has developed to become... I have been a devoted member since 2010.

Things to make this place better...

1) Do not give out dev badges for anyone without him deserving it/contributing to the scene. If badges are given out it can mislead alot of noobs :p

2) Slam hard on people who troll and try to create drama... I would like to think the best way is to ignore them on the shoutbox, but that would not stop them from posting threads.

3) Don't put anything in the news...If it is a rumour then make it clear in the NEWS section :)
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