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If the world-famous PSXHAX Shoutbox doesn't satisfy your appetite for abuse, boredom cures, drama, emojis, funny sh!t, memes and scene luvins... recently @VultraAID and @Lucii set up a PSXHAX Discord Server that utilizes's voice and text chatting with a bunch of rooms from announcements to global news to PlayStation 4 help and also serious cat PS4 development discussion. (y)

We currently have the Discord widget integrated into the sidebar which is visible when Logged In for Registered PSXHAX.COM (or users.

Back before the pound sign was referred to as a hashtag we used to do hilarious phone pranks via mIRC on EFnet, and although these days I no longer have the time (nor mic) to join in the fun I'll still hop on the PSXHAX Discord Server a few times a week to send sh0utz and gr33tz to whoever is idling there. :D


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PSXHAX Discord Server

Hello I want out the way a couple on months ago to create a Discord Server for Developers on the PS4 Scene who wanted to keep there finds Hidden and secret to them self and other Developers but Today i am posting the Link so anyone can join the server Public or Developers as since I've created the server nobody has decided to use it. but hopefully if there a Discord Integration Plugin comes out for Xenforo then I Hopefully think that @PSXHAX might change to using something similar across that line

These does Contain Developer Channels that only Devs can see but the rest is public and anyone can have a general voice or text talk

#~ Features ~#
Spam Control
Language Filter
Link Spam Control
Music Room


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I know there is a semi-official Discord paid plugin available, but ideally when the free official one comes we can integrate it as you mentioned (y)

Until then, people can use the link you posted HERE for Discord chatting.

I will re-examine Xenforo / Discord integration soon... if there is a free version (like our Shoutbox) I'll definitely consider adding it here. :D


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If that's it, I'll probably wait for a simple Xenforo plugin... how many are chillin in the Discord channel lately?
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