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Whacking away at the ongoing PSXHAX To-Do List, today we've added the remainder of the Xenforo stock smilies to the site.

The new ones added are:

:barefoot: :cautious: :censored: :cry: :love: :LOL: :notworthy: :ROFLMAO: :sick: :sleep: :sneaky: (y) (n) :unsure: :whistle: :X3: :coffee: :giggle:

And here are the rest, these aren't even enabled in Xenforo's site but are in their sprite sheet as easter eggs or whatever:

:geek: :ninja: :poop: :alien: :devilish:

PS: We still need a new Site Logo so if there are any talented artists out there willing to make one for around $50-60 PayPal please inbox us for our concept ideas.


Not open for further replies.